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  1. Ian Ryde

    X-UA-Compatible meta tag

    Hi Graham, It comes down to what version of IE your site supports. It tells IE which browser mode/emulation setting to render the page at. Blummin' IE...always making things more complicated than they needs to. Ian
  2. Ian Ryde

    Smooth Wavy/Skew Background Sections

    Hi, Yeah, I think svg backgrounds on a section are the way to go, you could even take the the negative space approach and use a .svg white vector for above and below to 'knock out' the shape you want, rather than have a colour svg, and fill the area with a bg gradient as above. Alternatively you could use an inline svg and style that yourself, browser support wise could be limited here though. Would look amazing with a subtle animation on the waves and/or gradient.
  3. I've been using Expression Engine for yonks. It's so flexible with a fairly small learning curve right out of the box.