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  1. 1&1 Terrible Review

    Hi Jordan, That's terrible. We know 1&1 are one of the worse large hosts, and have a lot of clients move over from their oversold servers mostly based in Germany (which is a terrible idea for a UK based website anyway), but that really is poor. We keep 30 day off site rolling backups, provide a self service tool where you can restore entire cPanel backups, individual files, or databases with just a few clicks, and happily restore a website on request as well. As we use cPanel with no restrictions you can also use the cPanel backup utility to take backups of files, email, databases, or the entire account, and then download a copy to your computer. That's what we'd expect from a decent host. It's probably above the average, but a decent provider should offer similar. That's the problem with the very large hosts and the proprietary control panels they use - they're far less powerful and just worse systems. I don't feel there's anything better than cPanel available. They generally do it to make switching to another host more difficult, and charge for features which should come free as standard from a decent host. What type of website is it? Normally injections are made into the site php files and not the database. You should be able to clean the database though - it would be quite easy to see the injections made in phpMyAdmin, and manually change all the passwords and so forth. Also, if you have access to phpMyAdmin, you should be able to import the database backup file in various compression file formats - as it can handle most, it doesn't need to be an uncompressed .sql file unless they're restricted it. You can also use a programme like WinRAR or 7ZIP to extract less common compression file formats. You might even be able to run a database/file cleaning programme on the database, and then import it after it's been cleaned. Hope you can get it sorted and get your client away from 1&1. Best of luck, Dan
  2. Recommendations for reseller hosting

    That is nice. We normally do it on an ad hoc basis as we get a lot of web hosting refugees from the likes of 1&1 and 123 Reg, especially 123-Reg recently. Always great getting positive feedback from relieved client's after the move. A lot of the time our new clients have a considerable amount of time left on their old hosting, and these very large companies tend to have aggressive contracts and renewal policies, so we help out with the large overlap. I must say out of the lot Justhost have been terrible to deal with. They charge extra for everything, and have modified their cPanel backups so you can't automatically migrate to another cPanel host; so we recently did that manually for a client. Here our our member benefits: http://www.hihosting.co.uk/memberdiscounts.html We might have to pinch the refugee code idea though , although our other discounts work out greater. @@WombatPro we'd be happy to help if you're still looking. If you choose a decent UK based web host then you should see quite an improvement in performance. All the best, Dan
  3. 34sp.com - Backups?

    Hi Rob, That seems ridiculous. We take daily backups as standard on all accounts, whether the account is £2 per month blog hosting or £10 per month eCommerce hosting. That's industry standard and I think it's normal to expect daily backups from a decent host, with no extra costs. We retain backups for 30 days and will perform full or partial account and file restoration free of charge, and provide a backup tool so our clients can take additional backups on demand and restore individual files or their entire account from any of the retained backups from the last 30 days. We also archive older backups in case clients need data from several months or more back. Weekly backups doesn't make sense. What would happen if the server failed and data was unrecoverable, or the server needed to be offline for some time? Any decent host will take regular backups for themselves, not just their clients, so that in such a case accounts can quickly be restored on a new drive or server to prevent any undue downtime. If you only take weekly backups your clients could lose a weeks' work of data/customer orders/work in such a case. That's why it should already be a sunk cost to provide a reliable service, and so with the addition of some tools can be easily provided to one's clients, and doesn't need to be charged for. Regarding your client's data however I wouldn't recommend relying on account backups for this. It's far easier and more efficient to take daily or even more frequent database backups - e.g. using a cron job or plugin and having those emailed to your client. But you should expect daily full account backups. Hope that helps, Dan
  4. Hosting Help Please!

    Hah, that's the modern equivalent of key word stuffing I guess, it takes up the entire browser window! SEO gone wrong.
  5. Trouble with website email being treated as spam

    rallport's link is very useful - if your host doesn't proactively manage blacklists/or for general piece of mind you can also set up a free blacklist monitor - just enter your domain or server IP address and you can be emailed when it's added to a blacklist. You can then ask your host to deal with the blacklist If you have a dedicated IP address - e.g. to improve SSL compatibility with older browsers - you should be able to ask your host to use that as the outgoing mailserver IP address for your account. That way if other users on your server send spam, your IP address won't be blacklisted and mail will still get through. You can also purchase an IP address to do that if you don't have one already, it shouldn't cost more than £2 per month. If it's a persistent problem you might want to look at a web host that takes spam seriously. I hope that helps Best of luck
  6. Hosting through Go Daddy?

    We've not had any major issues with Wordfence Regarding self hosted Wordpress - the excellent one click installer Softaculous, that some hosts like us provide can email you when updates are available and also update it for you. However Wordpress can now be set to auto update anyway. Any decent host will perform daily backups, and you can install a plugin to take regular database backups and have these emailed to you or saved on your web space. The problem with the likes of Weebly etc. is they really aren't as professional, and you're locked in. The beauty of Wordpress is that you can get a designer involved as your business and budget grow - and they can work directly with the existing site. Using a propriety website builder tied to its own overpriced hosting means you'd need to build a whole new site if you want some professional work done, and you can't just switch provider if you want to scale up your hosting because your website has suddenly become popular for example. If you have issues with Wordfence you can always try iThemes Security - which is also well rated: https://wordpress.org/plugins/better-wp-security/ Hope that helps.
  7. Hosting through Go Daddy?

    Hi Yasin, Welcome to the forums. I'd certainly recommend using Wordpress over a Site Builder if that's what you're trying to decide. It'll be better for SEO out of the box - and especially once you add a plugin such as SEO Ultimate or Yoast. It's probably also the most popular Content Management System available, so you'll find lots of help and tips on the web, including on these forums. Most importantly I think, with Wordpress you can move to any host and have proper control over your website. You can also get a designer involved in the future if you like, who can work with what you've created to take it to the next level. And editing content in the future and adding a blog is incredibly easy. I wouldn't recommend Go Daddy, although we're obviously biased I expect others will say the same. If you're targeting UK visitors then choosing a UK host makes a lot more sense; you'll get better support and it'll positively impact your website's performance, which can improve your search engine ranking. For £14 per month you should expect eCommerce Hosting with a lot of extras to be honest, not just normal web hosting. The very large web hosts tend to provide poorer service on overcrowded servers. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch, we'd be happy to help. All the best, Dan
  8. Free hosting for charities

    Yeah, those are all fake reviews created by the guy who made the site - who runs iClickster - he's a Heart Internet reseller. He did the same to TSO host but they got the reviews removed. We'll have to do the same. A cursory look at the site makes that obvious, but it is annoying. He did it after we exposed him on UK Business Forums (he created another account to recommend himself). You'll find genuine reviews on actual review sites of us, by searching UKBF where we're regularly recommended by members, Review Centre and so forth. Although we should ask clients to review us again as it always helps to have more. Just dug up the old thread: http://www.ukbusinessforums.co.uk/threads/webhostinghub-good-enough.250266/ It's bad enough that the guy lies and posts fake reviews, but he also appears to be a fraudster: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1285541 Anyway, on a postive note I'm glad you're happy with your hosting. It's likely because you a have VPS as I assumed. And thanks for the heads up, we really should take care of this.
  9. Free hosting for charities

    Just search UK2 reviews and you'll see why. They're one of the worse large UK hosts. Overcrowded servers and poor support. http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews208730.html I guess you ask because it looks like you host with UK2? Looks like your server is located in Amsterdam for some reason though. If you have a VPS/Dedicated server your experience may be different, but their normal/shared web hosting is generally slated. By the way, if you make sure your server is located in the UK then this will have a positive impact for your Google ranking in the UK. Actually had another look and perhaps that's a red herring - looks like you're hosted in the UK after all (which you'd expect from UK2). But yeah if you haven't had any problems then fair enough.
  10. Webhosting: beginners question

    Gosh, I didn't realise things had got that bad. Perhaps that's why we've had a fair few people move to us. We've had UKBF members move to us from Vidahost for example citing support issues, but plenty of other people on that forum are still recommending them. Yeah it's all Paragon Internet Group now, with the same support team handling both brands. Perhaps this being a design forum you require more support than the typical UKBF member that's more a business user, and it's with the non standard queries that they're falling down. However 1.5 weeks for installing a wildcard SSL is poor. I imagine it's a case of over trading and not having the skilled support in place, or the number of staff to deal with the volume of queries coming in. Hopefully they sort this out as it'd be a shame for a host with a reputation such as theirs to go the way of other large UK hosts. Feel free to get in touch if you're looking for another host though. I actually joined this forum years ago, and we've grown a fair bit since then but not to the scale of Vida/TSO. I post quite regularly on UK Business Forums and we host quite a few of their members. Looking forward to discussing design though, I'm the in house designer at Hi Hosting. The recent Google changes mean I should really be looking at the site's design again (it's not responsive at the moment).
  11. Free hosting for charities

    Don't worry he just wants people to use his spammy affiliate site recommending poor US hosts to people running UK sites! I've never used Vidahost myself but I've generally heard good things about them, and they're certainly better than the likes of 1&1, UK2, or any of the very large UK or US hosts to be honest. We also provide free hosting to charities although we should really publicise this more. We're a social enterprise so we also donate 10% of profit to charity and model ourselves to only make a modest profit, instead investing in our service. Personally I think it's a great thing, and the more businesses that embrace social responsibility and helping good causes the better. Charities need all the support they can get, and if you can indirectly support a cause by using a company that supports charities then that's far better than spending that money with a company that just spends it all on advertising or giving it away to shareholders.
  12. Hosting Help Please!

    Yeah, all host review sites are either owned by the very large (typically US) hosts, or run by affiliates. Their top 10's are filled with the highest affiliate paying hosts, that have overcrowded servers and poor support. Just use a forum such as this, UK Business Forums, or independent review sites such as review centre. I'm not sure why that post is still up, it's clearly their site and the poor English gives away that it's spam.
  13. Webhosting: beginners question

    To be honest I'm actually surprised by that as on UK Business Forums (where I post a lot), they're also often recommended along with us. However we have had some of their clients move to us. They're now quite a large company so if you're looking for a personal level of service then you may prefer a medium sized host. Personally I think that's the sweet spot for a hosting company as you get the the reliability provided by proper infrastructure which is typically missing from a smaller host, but the more personal level of service which you arguably can't get with a large host, however I'm obviously biased. The host review sites are either owned by the very large hosts or affiliate businesses, and are completely biased. Their top 10 lists typically list US hosts with overcrowded servers, poor peformance and poor support. An independent review site, or forum such as this is typically a better bet. There's also no such thing as "unlimited" web hosting. This is a marketing ploy and any host offering unlimited hosting will typically aggressively limit this in their terms of service so you often can't even get to the resource usage offered by more honest hosts that actually state a limit. They typically do this using inode limits - so every file and email stored on your account adds up and there's a finite number of inodes you can have, or through CPU and memory limits. The reason for choosing a UK host, beside receiving better support during your typical waking hours (as long as you've chosen a decent host), is that if your main visitors are from the UK they'll have a shorter distance to the server for any requests - resulting in better performance. They get a better end user experience, and Google also uses this as part of its search engine ranking. It really makes no sense for a UK based site targeting UK visitors to be hosted in any other country. Other things worth considering are the quality of the hardware and the web server used. For example does the host just use standard hard drives, or is it pure SSD storage (which is quicker and more reliable). Likewise there are plenty of Linux hosts out there, but LiteSpeed for example is up to 9 times faster than standard Apache, so on a good web host your site will load a lot faster. Anyway if you need any help then feel free to get in touch. I hope that helps. Good luck!
  14. One.com Is it legit?

    Yeah, so once you've actually paid for the setup fee (which is very unusual in the hosting industry - as setup is automated), the VAT, and the above average domain renewal cost, that's not actually that competitive. The key problem with one.com is they use a non standard control panel. cPanel is arguably the best control panel available and what most of the not very large hosts use. The poor large hosts you see on TV etc. tend to use propriety control panels which are far more limited in functionality and most importantly make it far more difficult to switch host if you have any problems - in an attempt to lock you in. If you go with a cPanel host then you can easily switch to another cPanel host as there are automated tools to do this. However a decent host should still be able to migrate your site from a propriety control panel host free of charge, we certainly do that anyway. Good luck
  15. Hosting Help Please!

    Yeah any host should let you do this. Just make sure you don't install a script such as Wordpress. By default nothing should be installed anyway, so you can upload your html files via FTP or create and write the files directly in your control panel's file manager. Whilst you can host images and so forth externally - that's normally done for linking to other resources such as YouTube videos, while you'd just upload you sites images to for example an images directory on your web space with your web host. I wouldn't recommend free hosting. I'd imagine free hosting is why you haven't been able to just upload blank html files, as they tend not to give you proper control of the web space and use site builders and so forth. In the end you get what you pay for, and a starter web hosting package with a decent host will allow you to have full control to create what you want, with no adverts, and importantly with good performance backed by proper support. Just realised this is actually a really old post, so hope you got an okay. Otherwise hopefully this helps someone else.