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  1. DigitalSquid

    Urgent help req on wordpress site

    Half your content is inside your <head> tag. The menu and site header shouldn't be in there, it should be in the <body> tag.
  2. DigitalSquid

    1 & 1 web hosting

    About 60% of the freelance work that I do is fixing/upgrading broken or badly coded websites that people have made through "site builder" programs.
  3. DigitalSquid

    can spam bots follow $.click() handlers?

    Yup, he is! That's why he's a respected moderator on one of the of the most popular web design forums on the internet who's contributions to this community have received one of the highest ratios of posts to upvotes/reputation.
  4. DigitalSquid

    Fancybox iFrame scrollbars! Help!

    Seems there's a bit of a bug in webkit browsers with FancyBox. Long story short, when FancyBox tries to calculate the height, in FF it gets what you can see in the viewport but in Chrome/Safari it gets the height of the entire document. Result of this is that it makes the height of the modal window a lot bigger in Chrome, hence no scrollbar. There's a fix listed in this post: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2520107/jquery-fancybox-plugin-not-centered-in-safari-or-chrome-but-is-in-firefox
  5. DigitalSquid

    Problem with Jquery Loading in? [Live Example]

    $(function () { Is exactly the same as: $(document).ready(function () { It's just a shorthand way of writing it. The slider is working fine for me though.
  6. DigitalSquid

    This page has insecure content

    If you're using Firefox, click the icon just to the left of the URL (usually a padlock or globe). Then "More Information", select "Media" tab, and then everything listed there with "http" at the start is insecure content. Alternatively, get Chrome/Safari and just check the console.
  7. DigitalSquid


    Looks like they're tried to cross-breed Pinterest and LifeHacker.
  8. DigitalSquid

    Subscribe & Contact Us form

    The AJAX post is getting a 405 error. As there's no cross domain errors, I'd assume it's down to permission issues on your server.
  9. DigitalSquid

    Recommended Forum System

    I doubt you could do that with a forum, but you could probably use something like the Group system in http://buddypress.org/
  10. DigitalSquid

    Wierd WordPress bug

    Got a link to the site? If not, check at the bottom if the screen in IE. It will say down there if there's any issues.
  11. DigitalSquid

    Wierd WordPress bug

    Any Javascript errors?
  12. DigitalSquid

    I miss something

    Online version of the files: http://cssdesk.com/QDYCU
  13. DigitalSquid

    Wordpress Page help!

    Categories are only for posts. With that URL, you've got the "andrew-garfield" page set as a sub-page of "sample-page". http://codex.wordpress.org/Pages#Organizing_Your_Pages The easiest solution would be to rename the "sample-page" (ie: both the page title and URL) to actors, and then make sure you create any more actor pages as sub-pages for that one.
  14. DigitalSquid

    "We are building ur site"

    Why have one at all? If your re-building an existing site then it would benefit the SEO more if you left the old version there until you were ready to switch. If you're building a new site, then you've publicised it at the wrong time and are losing potential customer/visitors.
  15. DigitalSquid

    Echo Screen Height

    Not very easily. PHP is server-side, Javascript is client-side. All the PHP on your page will have been processed long before it gets to the stage of loading any JS. As it Wordpress, your best bet would probably be to use a jQuery AJAX post to send the dimensions as a variable to a PHP page.