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How to use Socket.io application via ssh when uploaded on a server

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I have created the websocket chat example which is on socket.io, and i have been successful with it. i can run it on the local machine by pointing the browser to localhost:3000 after running the .js file from node.

I now want to run this on a real server. I have transferred the relevant files using filezilla onto the server, and i am using Putty to run the .js file.

When i type in node index.js into the putty program to run the .js file; it says listening on *:3000.

I do not know where to point my browser to for this application to work...I have tried many different URL's such as the computers IP address followed by :3000 etc without any luck

Does anyone have any ideas on where to point the browser to?

Thank You

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Hey Sleym

First of all I would double check that you are definitely using your server's public IP address - one nice and easy way to get this is using dig from the command line:

[ricky@localhost ~]$ dig +short myip.opendns.com @resolver1.opendns.com.

And then if that's correct - I would check that port 3000 is open in your machine's firewall (I don't know what operating system you're using so I won't over-advise here). I am a familiar with RHEL/CentOS 6/7 so if you're using one of those I'll probably be able to help.

Good luck!

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      As a hobbyist my setup is rather basic, and my knowledge of how to configure it is even more basic.
      I am using IIS7 for my localhost on a win 7 ultimate 64 laptop. Last night as i logged off microsoft updates automatically installed. This evening before I logged in the updates finished installing and then rebooted my laptop. When I went to use my localhost all I could get was the Server '\' Application error 401.2 access denied.
      I have been in touch with Microsoft support and they led my round a merry chase but solved nothing. They are telling me to call a premium rate phone number for specialist support with IIS configuration.
      Having checked the update history, within this batch of updates there were 5 .net framework security updates and I believe that it is one or more of these that is causing my problem. Microsoft support just disconnected the service rather than look into this issue properly and gave me no help what so ever, (which I will blog about later). They didn't even put things back as they found them and it took me ages to get my laptop to reboot properly!
      My problem is that with so little knowledge of the IIS configuration I can't get my localhost working again and thus cannot do anything with my websites I 'play with' for my hobby.
      Can anybody help me with this configuration issue please, speaking in layman's terms will be essential.
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