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  1. This has gotten pretty much off topic. Not sure how closely moderators here curb that kind of thing, since I'm new to the forum. But, yes, "pro life" is about as conservative a topic as you can get. Google positions the terminology "anti-abortion" quite prominently on the results page. That is using very negative terminology. They don't call the pro choice view, "anti-life" after all. They include an article about why pro lifers haven't seen the light like other progressive movements. Neither National Right to Life nor Life News, two prominent pro life organizations make the first page of Google, but they do in Bing. I don't want to argue about this. It's a bit off from my initial post on mobile seo. It could be that you're seeing different results in the UK than I'm seeing here in the U.S., but it's a well-known fact that Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter all lean to the left politically and socially. And, that is reflected in the content they permit and promote.
  2. Oh, my. Not even close when you search for something from a conservative point of view. And Youtube, owned by Google, has been steadily purging conservative accounts.
  3. I don't know how it works in the UK, but here we supposedly have laws against monopolies. Google and Facebook, both of which most likely received, and/or still are receiving, behind the scenes money from our government, are de facto monopolies. And, they are strongly slanting results toward a particular political or social agenda. That's a political/governmental question rather than a technical one. Personally, I'd rather have the most accurate results for a search (content-wise), rather than less accurate content that is best optimized for a particular device.
  4. I agree. I never said anyone should create a mobile site. I just don't believe Google should dictate to everyone on the internet what is acceptable and not acceptable. Who made them God?
  5. Overall, I'm just not a Google fan, however that's a topic for another thread, I guess. I wish there was a valid alternative in terms of search engines. I don't like the monopoly they've become, with the power to dictate what websites appear in searches - based perhaps on political views and whether they comply with Google's social agenda. I use Bing mostly for my own searches, but for client SEO, analytics, etc. I'm forced to work with Google.
  6. I agree. But it is visible on mobile. I was just basing that on what he claims in the article. I design all my sites responsively. I do still see many sites that look like they were made in 1990 though. But perhaps that will mean an increase in business for all of us.
  7. That's not what the guy on the backlinko site claims, but I guess time will tell. According to him, Google will derive search results only from mobile-friendly sites (which would include responsive sites of course). My concern was that sites that aren't responsive and don't have a mobile version, will totally drop out of the results.
  8. VWeb

    Which is better, please?

    Yes, that rule and extra spacing on the other page helps a lot. Much cleaner. It's a very nice site. I'm a long-time Windows users, although I get frustrated with the continual, forced updates and probably spying that goes on.
  9. VWeb

    Which is better, please?

    I like the version with more images better as well, however it all seems to run together for me. Could you create an outline box around them or dividing lines between posts? Some means of separating one post from the next.
  10. Yeah, I didn't see a link in that article to an official announcement from Google either. However here's another article that indicates it is and will be increasingly happening. https://www.seroundtable.com/google-mobile-first-index-expanding-25286.html
  11. I subscribe to this guy's email list. According to him, Google will begin using the mobile version of a page for search engine results, even if the search is performed on a desktop. https://backlinko.com/mobile-seo-guide This could bring a lot of business my way, in terms of making sites mobile friendly. But I'm not a fan of Google dictating to the world how to create their websites. If this is true, then sites that are not mobile-friendly will disappear from search engine results pages. I use Bing myself, but obviously most people still use Google.
  12. VWeb

    What is best for SEO?

    I think it's commonly accepted that the hyphenated version is better, both for human readability and search engines.
  13. VWeb

    Please rate my website

    and horses
  14. VWeb

    Please rate my website

    I actually like it. Is that a template I assume? Bootstrap? I like the color changer popout on the right. The menu switches to mobile friendly and the entire layout stacks to single column at narrower widths. It's a good start I think.