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  1. rf_harris

    Youtube Videos on DailyMotion

    It depends on the Video and VIdeo owner, if they are allowed or not. You cannot be 100% sure if you use others' videos on these video sharing websites.
  2. rf_harris

    What is best for SEO?

    the second one is definitely the better option as it can define each word
  3. For me Guest blogging is one of the most useful things in terms of getting online exposure. One just need to find the right blogs with right price and they should get pretty good exposure from this very effective technique.
  4. I would still avoid doing a two way link exchange
  5. It seems you are aware of the fact the google doesn't support these link exchanges but it is much difficult for google crawlers to catch three way or four way link exchanges rather than the two way link exchanges. Two way link exchanges are easier for google crawlers to catch so that's why people should avoid it.
  6. Backlinks are certainly important and they will be important forever I guess. But there was a time when higher quantity of your backlinks would do the trick for you but in recent times it is more about the quality rather than the quantity. And for link exchange, I would recommend you to always stay away from reciprocal link exchanges especially two way link exchanges. If you really find a good opportunity to get backlink from pretty good high quality website/blog, you can opt to do a three way or four way link exchange.
  7. SimilarWeb and SEMRush are probably 2 of the best alternates to Google Analytics.
  8. Hello everybody here at webdesignerforum. How are you all doing? I have been visiting this forum a lot and I noticed few changes here in recent past. How it is going with the new design?