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Youtube Videos on DailyMotion

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    • By wozaa3
      Hi I'm new to the forum as I know very little about web design but have big ideas. As some of you may be aware a lot of YouTubers are struggling with new youtube policies whereas there unable to make the revenue they used if any at all and looking for a new alternative. Current there is none I have some big ideas to not only fill that gap but become bigger than youtube ever was. Like I say I have very little knowledge on web design so I'm looking for equal partner/partners to help make this possible. Anyone who gets on the bandwagon will be expected to sign a none discloser agreement.
      I look forward to talking more.
    • By Dmill2016
      I am in the process of creating a video sharing network and have seen some great themes and set-ups on platforms such as Wordpress.
      The main issue I am having is that Youtube offers it's users the ability to get a cut of profits from the adverts that show on their specific videos. I have looked everywhere for a way to set this up on my new site but i cannot find anything and am starting to tear my hair out now.
      Does anyone have an idea on how this can be done.
      I know that type of back end system needed is rather complex but there must be some form of software(s) that can provide this type of service.
      I have been trying to find a way for people to accrued points instead which they can exchange for prizes but cannot find a system like that either which I will have main control over. The money incentive is the main issue I have though and will be a key part to the business.
    • By web-rookie
      Hi there,

      I wish to create a piece of code that allows you to set up youtube video preferences then returns a video that most closely matches.

      For example user selects the following:

      Views: 10k+

      Like/Dislike ratio: 2:1

      Tag: Football

      And the script searches for all the relevant youtube videos and displays them in rank of relevance.

      Does youtube allow you to do this and if so what programming language is best suited as I'm looking to learn from scratch would python have the capability?


    • By Voidwalker
      I've subscribed to Newmastersacademy.org. It's an online art school. Each of the lessons are divided into sections with multiple videos, that exit fullscreen mode when each video changes. Is there a way to prevent the videos from exiting fullscreen?
    • By BrowserBugs
      Hi Gang,
      Working on a project and the customer wants registered users to be able to add video / tours from various media channels. Originally they just said YouTube but from their samples I also have Google Tour and Vimeo too.
      So, I was just wondering if anyone knew any other big video suppliers which a registered user might want to embed from?
      I'm trying to make this as simple for the registered user as possible whilst retaining control over various players / sources; essentially they paste a path like https://youtu.be/dbckIuT_YDc and we do the rest. Uploading the file to the main site isn't ideal, some registered users can barely tell the difference between a jpg and mp3 lol.
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