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  1. tonychang

    portfolio for a job interview

    We did a load of interviews for a front end last year. I didn't do the interview but a lot of the decision came down to me. Firstly I wanted to see work they'd done (preferably online) so I could show it to the Devs to make sure I wasn't wasting my time taking it any further ( you'd be surprised the amount of chancers you get). So while the boss was downstairs interviewing, we were upstairs checking out their code. For this reason I'd suggest an online portfolio
  2. tonychang

    Designing UI Admins

    I've been asked to do a few of these lately (on the cheap I expect). I've not done one for a couple of years and it was bespoke and very time consuming. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can streamline the process? I've seen templates on themeforest, does anyone have any experience of using these (and do you spend most of your time strippig out unnecessary code). Does anyone have any other suggestions? Cheers tc
  3. tonychang

    Urgent Advice For My Future

    I've noticed a rising demand for developers, there seems to be a shortage at the moment. University's are taking notice of this and are offering more related degrees. So Imagine in 3 years time what an experience dev will be worth over a graduate?
  4. I find myself spending a fair amount of time on the sofa watching telly and chatting to the missus browsing the web on an ipad. I'd like to use that time to get some work done and was thinking of buying a vaio flip tablet hybrid convertible. I quite fancy trying to use the stylus as well. I have a 15.6 inch laptop but it's a bit of a brick and is plugged into external monitors upstairs. They make the vaio in 13.3, 14 and 15.6 versions but obviously the 13.3 is the most portable so I was wondering does anyone do much web design work on a 13.3 screen? I imagine a fair few of you have MacBooks this size.
  5. sorry double post please delete
  6. ....and if so how did you go about it?
  7. tonychang

    Anyone here into hand lettering?

    I'll take that as a No then...
  8. tonychang

    Where can I Learn Illustrator?

  9. I've been getting well into this lately and am looking for anyone else to trade tip and resources with
  10. tonychang

    Feedback on cake site

    Oh hi, just noticed this thread has resurfaced after a while away. The reason is I have saved over the original designs from when I started the thread and there are probably a few others floating about. I've pretty much abandoned this project for now.
  11. tonychang

    Feedback on cake site

    thanks I hadn't thought of that and I do like the pattern in the footer. they are both the same design, the idea being the cake images are all in a left to right slider that's moves off the edge of the screen. because a lot of the photos are portrait as well as landscape I figured this would be a good way to present them. I was also thinking of replacing the images in the buckets ( frame, whisk and bowl, newspaper) with hand drawings.
  12. tonychang

    Feedback on cake site

    Cheers I had the same feeling about the stock image (couldnt find a decent one from above) and I felt it was a little bright. The main cake images are different examples of a slider so I can incorporate landscape and portrait images.
  13. Hi I'm after feedback on my cake design (not coded PS mock-up only). I've got a mixture of photos I want to use and quite a few are portrait ( have included examples of 2 slides). Was asked to make it classy and quirky. http://www.stylesauce.co.uk/emily-harmston-cakes/index3.html http://www.stylesauce.co.uk/emily-harmston-cakes/index4.html
  14. tonychang

    Find out what wordpress theme someone is using?

    Sorry I meant aside from that i.e. if the dev has changed the theme name in the url's and theme credits. One of our devs has aslo suggested trying to see if they have failed to remove the licence.txt file. Though I do remember looking for references in things such as image files if thats what you meant? Though surely if they change the theme name it changes all the route names?
  15. If theyve changed the credits in the css? I'm sure I looked up some other ways of checking in the past (i.e. if the dev hasnt covered their tracks enough).