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  1. Anyone know of a good chat message facility?

    Amazing. Thank you so much.
  2. How do I delete my Web Designer Forum Account?

    There is no evidence, but It's the only possible reason I can think of why I don't get the responses I used to. But yeah oddly it seems your rep have been taken off the posts.
  3. How do I delete my Web Designer Forum Account?

    Well, things have certainly changed, and this is the only cause, I don't think my questions are much harder...
  4. How do I delete my Web Designer Forum Account?

    I've decided to keep this account as I have a few handy posts. The reason I wanted to delete my account is because since this reputation came in, slowly but surely, I was getting less and less response to posts - it didn't take long before I realised that I have asked way more questions than the help I've given out. So, people see this and didn't bother replying to me any more, where I used to get loads of help with stuff on here. It's definitely made me think about how I use the site. What I'm going to do is keep this account open but start up another account so I can start afresh, and will aim to reply to other peoples posts every time I get some help, to keep the balance. As it is now, there is no point in me posting on here any more with my current account - I've been exposed! ...I basically need to stop being so selfish, and start giving back all the help I've been given over the years.
  5. How do I delete my Web Designer Forum Account?

    Okay, I'll ask Ben. Cheers.
  6. How do I delete my Web Designer Forum Account?

    Thanks. Who is Ben?
  7. How do I delete my Web Designer Forum Account?

    No, how can I do this?
  8. Alternative to Google Custom Search

    Is there an alternative to Google Custom Search? The free version has sponsorship embedded with in the results. Is there an free open source alternative?
  9. Hi, Does anyone know where I can delete my account? Cheers. Rich
  10. Adding functions

    Hi I am new to Datatables and am trying to get five functions working that appear on the example here - http://datatables.net/ The four functions are: - the arrows in the header that switch from top to bottom - the show entries box in the top left corner - the search box in the top right corner - the 'Showing 1 to 10 of 58 entries' display in the bottom left corner - and the pagination in the bottom right corner - I want to have just the two buttons - forward and back How can I get these to work. Here is the link to my page - http://dev.assessmentday.co.uk/feedback.htm If anyone could help me out that would be great. Thanks.
  11. Adding tabular data to an HTML page

    What is the best jQuery plugin the use when displaying tabular data within one page. I have a big spreadsheet I want to display on one page, so I will probably need something that will divide the data up into it's own pages. I found this: http://www.datatables.net/ Which looks like what I want, is this good or is there better? Cheers. Rich
  12. mod_rewrite

    I have it working now, but they don't redirect... http://www.futureproofdesign.org/biography'>http://www.futureproofdesign.org/biography I've applied 301 redirects, this is my .htaccess content: RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^otherbits/ba-hons$ bahons.htm [NC,L] RewriteRule ^biography$ biography.htm [NC,L] RewriteRule ^other-bits$ otherbits.htm [NC,L] RewriteRule ^web-design$ webdesign.htm [NC,L] redirect 301 /bahons.htm http://www.futureproofdesign.org/otherbits/ba-hons redirect 301 /biography.htm http://www.futureproofdesign.org/biography redirect 301 /otherbits.htm http://www.futureproofdesign.org/other-bits redirect 301 /webdesign.htm http://www.futureproofdesign.org/web-design
  13. mod_rewrite

    Not really, the old URL are a mess, but I have to keep them to retain his good SEO.
  14. mod_rewrite

    What do you mean pattern?
  15. mod_rewrite

    How easy is it to implement mod_rewrite? I need to rewrite some URLs to retain the current URLs of a site I am rebuilding, so it's important I don't compromise the good SEO. Does anyone know any good tutorials on how to do this? Thanks. Rich