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I had my website developed by a designer couple of years ago and I dont have access to them now

The web is designed by ASP.Net. Now, I want to edit a menu title. When, I open the source code in Chrome, I can see the relevant html code easily however, I could not locate the html file in the website file manager. I downloaded the whole website on my pc and still could not find it.

Now, I want to know is there any tool that I can load a website and then edit it in live mode (a graphical tool that I can edit the texts and menus without needing to edit a html code)?


Thanks in advance

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You will need access to the server for this. If the site is created using .NET there probably will not be any html files for you to edit. The files that generates the markup will be asp or aspx files. If you really own the site you should be able to access the server. Then You could use a text editor and try to search and replace for the menu title in any asp/aspx files, but it is most likely that the whole menu is generated by a function/class file which has been compiled to byte code when saved. The original code behind files might be on the server, in which case you can open them in Microsoft Visual Studio and edit/recompile them. But you will need server access for this. These files can not be downloaded through normal  http access. 

EDIT: You could of cause also download a a static copy of rhe generated HTML and edit it a wysiwig editor like dreamweaver. But you will lose any functionality that runs on the server.

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