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  1. It's a ballpark of what I wanted to width to be to fit in most of the users on W3. I tried a couple of things like span but I didn't try the div yet. Here's a link www.Gelignite.org
  2. Now i have it as a section being styled like this: .header { display: block; width: 733px; height: 377px; background-image: url('welcome.png'); } it works in FFX but nor Chrome. I didn't want to use the iamge but can you see that the main block element is not being style correctly with it's width on my Chrome, I don't know what it looks like to you. My Chrome has been different in the past.
  3. In Firefox, this looks fine, but in my chrome it doesnt. the "main" tag is about 200 px off the width it should be, whereas in FIrefox it fits the header perfectly. I've been having style issues in ym Chrome lately, does this problem show for you where the header on the index is jutting out?
  4. In my Chrome it isn't styling the lists. I couldn't figure it out tried a bunch of different things.
  5. My website Mesogom just launched today with a portfolio currently under construction. If you go to services, I have a list of servces I can provide. In my Google Chrome, the list is unstyled. But in Firefo, it's styled. ALso, teh style of the link in Contact me does not work in Chrome, just Firefox. Can you tell me if I'm missing some Chrome compatibility or something.
  6. .Mesogom This will be my portfolio and contact pathway for potential clients.
  7. Skeye

    Hi everybody

  8. Getting a new lap top tomorrow and going to collage this summer top finish my web design certificate. I'm also going to become a freelancer on fiverr. I just came up with this name like an eye in the sky. Have a logo for it what do you think?