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Just launched my UX Portfolio: any feedback is appreciated!

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    • By td-dev
      Hi everyone!
      Please help
      in CSS frameworks dimensions now is set up by rem em units, and also it can be units like 1.25
      in Sketch we use pixels, and subpixels are not the best practice.

      But how I can make a proportion in margins and paddings when I design an interface 
      For example 1rem = 16px - and i need to set padding to 1.618rem ?

    • By MegaBrain
      Dear Friend!
      I am writing to you in the hope of receiving an answer to my question. Now I'm starting to study their design and can not solve one task. I hope that you will help me to understand it.
      Unfinished task
      The idea of the application: Order of on-demand services
      Description of the application:
      1). ‘Freelancer’ (gardener, carpenter, electrician, plumber, locksmith and
      etc.) after registration in the app provides the following
      information: credit card details; photo
      the document proving the identity; list of services that
      he can provide.
      2). "Сlient" is registered in the same application in order to find who
      could, for example, repair a chandelier in the living room.
      3). With the help of the card "Client" finds the nearest electrician (our
      "Freelancer"), looks at his profile, checks his document,
      reads reviews and leaves a request, indicating the address and time,
      when he will be at home and pays for the ordered service (money
      "freeze" on the freelancer account until confirmation).
      4). At the appointed time "Freelancer" comes to the «Client" does
      work and requests through the application confirmation
      performance of work at the ‘Client’.
      5)."Client" receives notification, opens the application and
      confirms the performance of the work (after that the money transfer to the
      account of "Freelancer") and leaves feedback (if desired). If
      freelancer did not come at the appointed time, money automatically
      return to the Customer and the order is canceled.
      The task:
      Indicate potential risks and suggest improvement of logic.
    • By playable
      Hi everyone,
      Good evening and happy lunar new year to all those who are celebrating!
      I am trying to prepare a high-level plan and approach for leading a 1-week Design Engagement for a Healthcare company, with a use case focused on improving the experience and outcomes of patients who need physical therapy rehabilitation.
      Following is the draft plan:
      Goal: Understand users
      Introduction, Ice breaker Activity 01 (30 minutes): Stakholder Map. Work out the relationships of the stakeholders to each other and to the project. Activity 02 (30 minutes): Stakeholder Hopes and Fears. Expectations and expected challenges. Summary (60 minutes) AFTERNOON
      Activity 02 (half a day): Lunch and onsite visit to facility. Observe, talk and understand patients. Summary (60 minutes) DAY 02: Ideation
      Goal: come up with ideas
      Activity 01 (60 minutes): Empathy Map. Work out complete portrait of users. Activity 02 (60 minutes): User Stories Summary (60 minutes) AFTERNOON
      Activity 03 (60 minutes): Big Idea Vignettes. Idea-brainstorming session. Activity 04: (60 minutes): Prioritize Grid. Finalize key ideas Summary (60 minutes) DAY 03: Wireframe/Prototype
      Goal: Build simple and refined models
      Early morning onsite visit (30–60 minute) Activity 01: Sketching/Low-fidelity wireframe (60 minutes). Come up with simple models for key ideas Activity 02: Presenting ideas and feedback (60 minutes) AFTERNOON:
      Activity 03: Medium-fidelity wireframe (60 minutes). Refine built models. Activity 04: Presenting ideas and feedback (60 minutes) Summary (60 minutes) DAY 04: Wireframe/Prototype
      Goal: Build simple and refined models
      Testing with patients (120 minutes) Summary (60 minutes) AFTERNOON:
      Activity 01: High-fidelity wireframe/Prototype (60 minutes) Activity 02: Presenting ideas and feedback (60 minutes) Summary (60 minutes) DAY 05: Testing/Feedback
      Testing with patients (120 minutes) Summary (60 minutes) AFTERNOON:
      Summary and Program feedback (120 minutes) NOTES:
      This is a week draft plan of Design Engagement activity excluding logistic pre/post-program preparation. The activities should be reviewed and re-planned everyday if needed. There are extra matarials for activities like storyboard, need statement,etc. when required. The program will be held at a real-life physical-therapy facility. Participants should try to live and see things from the patients’ angle to have more insights and provide better solutions to improve thier lives. QUESTIONS:
      Kindly give me some comments over the draft plan above. Especially about the type of activities, the order, the amount of allocated time for each activity. What could be potential challenges I might face organizing program like this? Especially with the target audience as physical therapy patients. How to make the activities more lively and fun? Fun and productivity do go along really well; especially when it comes to creative tasks such as these. The activities are planned based on IBM’s design thinking guideline. What other guideline could be used? Any book recommendations? How to make this plan more “high level”? Does a “high level” plan include logistic pre/post-program and contingency plan? Thanks a million!
    • By Lippiun
      I built this site about six months ago and I'm about to start making changes to it for the next version. Just thought i'd see that other people think about it first.
    • By serenechan3
      Hey everyone,
      I am currently in the last year of high school and have decided to pursue UX as my long-term career. I am very torn about which degree to go after and thought some advice from some fellow UXers would help. What are you guys' opinions on the following degrees i.e. What it's like to to be in the UX programme- the people, atmosphere, resources, syllabus, teaching environment, student experience, is it worth it etc. ? The unis that I am more inclined towards are- UCL, UAL, NYU, SCAD, and U of T.
      The degrees I have applied for are:
      Loughborough University BSc User centred design
      University College London (UCL) Arts and Sciences (BASc)
      UAL London College of Communication BA (Hons.) Information and Interface Design
      University of Leeds BA Digital Media
      The Glasgow School of Art BA (Hons) Interaction Design
      NYU Integrated Digital Media (BS)
      Savannah College of Art & Design BFA UX Design
      University of British Columbia BA Media Studies
      University of Toronto Interactive Digital Media (Specialist), Honours Bachelor of Arts / Master of Information
      The Hong Kong Polytechnic University BA(Hons) Communication Design
      I was initially very keen on the SCAD UX Design course but am held back for safety reasons- drugs, alcohol, gun, racism against Asians and personal security issues are some things that I am very concerned about. I read the security report on the Savannah campus and there are 100+ drug/alcohol reports. Is SCAD Savannah a safe environment to be in? What are the things I need to be aware of?
      I am also quite worried that the learning atmosphere might not be as active/motivated and the overall quality of students might not be as good as traditional universities of higher rankings where students come from better academic backgrounds and are more motivated to do better. Is the statement true?
      Also, what are the prospects of computer programming in these courses- How advanced does it go? What are some tips you can give me in my portfolio submission?
      If you have taken any of the degrees listed above, I would really appreciate your honest opinion! Thank you so much!
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