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  1. Yes, I appreciate that and it's unfortunate. Obviously I don't have the time to change the theme and re-work the whole site to fit within it. E.g. I tried disabling the WP Bakery Page Builder and the whole site threw a fit (clearly my ex-dev used the page builder to put the site together). At present however, I'm quite happy with the loading times. I'm down to 10 active plugins, 4 of which are woocommerce required for me to process orders, 1 is the page builder that I can't get rid of for the reason above, yoast for my seo (which doesn't seem to help a great deal but I know this is a different topic completely), WPsmush to optimize the images on the website and reduce their filesizes, and google analytics.
  2. Ok thanks Jack, that saves me quite a bit of time!
  3. I'll bare this in mind Jack thank you! If you check my website bentleysdogfoood.co.uk you see the banner across the top, that is currently a jpeg. There is one of these banners on every page, and it consistently comes up as one of the larger files to load on the speed test. Do you recommend changing the format of these banners from jpeg? You mentioned SVG, but I'm not familiar with that so if it requires work as you said to convert then that might not be an option for me. Thanks
  4. Hi Jack, and everyone else - I am in a much more pleasant state of mind this morning, after my hosting provider UK Hosting responded to my ticket over the weekend and absolutely bossed it. Whatever he did (see the pasted messages below) sent my website from a grade F on gtmetrix.com to a grade A. It's now running much much faster, I just need to polish off a few things like deactivating the remaining plugins I don't need and replacing all the jpeg images with png ( I believe is meant to be the best format?) A final question for you guys - will my website perform better if I completely delete plugins? Or is just deactivating them fine? Thanks again to everyone for their time and effort trying to help me on this! Please see the following messages (in chronological order starting from top) to and from UK Hosting to see exactly what they did to help speed things up. _______________________________________________________________ Me: I have configured the info@bentleysdogfood.co.uk with my apple mail client and it receives and sends emails fine, however my sent emails are going into everyone's junk mail which is never used to. It always went into their inbox. Do you know how to fix this? UK Hosting: Sorry for the delay in the reply. Checking the servers IP, SenderBase is giving this a neutral reputation, this will improve over time as more emails are sent from the server. I have also added an SPF record to the domain and enabled DKIM signing, which will digitally sign any emails sent from this server. This should help improve the reputation of the emails. Me: Hope you had a good weekend and thanks for your response regarding the junk emails. I've been trying to find ways to speed up the website, so I have disabled a plugin called Really Simple SSL, this was just redirecting people to the secure https version of the site if they type in just 'bentleysdogfood.co.uk' or 'www.bentleysdogfood.co.uk'. Could you please put in the htaccess file (or whatever you need to do) the appropriate redirect chain so people are redirected onto the secure site please? I'm sorry I don't know how to do this myself. Secondly, some people have mentioned that I need to Gzip my files, in particularly the css file which was 'the biggest css file I have ever seen' according to people on the webdesignerforum. I heard there was a code you can put in the htaccess file to gzip/compress the website files to make pages load quicker? UK Hosting: Really Simple SSL just updates any URLs to use https instead of http, this shouldn't really slow down the site. Since the site is already under https though, I don't see any harm in removing it now. I have also disabled the wp-cron.php which will help improve performance in the site. I have put a redirect to https in your .htaccess as requested. The site is running through nginx which ignores .htaccess optimization rules as Nginx uses its own. I have disabled nginx as you already have some content caching rules in the site. Gtmetrix results jumped from and F to an A: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/bentleysdogfood.co.uk/5GmsAcrz UK Hosting: Just a couple of things while I have you though. Checking the server fail2ban is set to block unauthorised logins. Services on the server are running and currently can be accessed externally, if you want I can lock these down for you:SSH (terminal logins, full access to the box to run commands)MYSQL (database service) Me: I'm not sure what you just said, but do whatever you think is best. So long as my website still works like it is now and I can still login then do what you need to do. Thanks
  5. Most of those that you suggested removing I have tried to deactivate before, but when I do it says my theme recommends activating them, so I was worried something would mess up with the theme if I didn't have them. Such as the slider, installer and page builder. The image zoom we were charged £70 for by our dev. Simple SSL I believe redirects visitors to the secure version of the site, so I left it there instead of learning how to manually redirect people! SMTP I left, because now we have moved hosts our emails are going into people's junk mail which is annoying, so was hoping that the SMTP plugin might kick in at some point and stop that (seeing as the details say that is part of it's job)
  6. Thanks robby, I did read that article before, but where it says how to enable gzip on Apache or NGINX, or by buying another plugin WP Rocket, I don't know which one I need to do / what I have!
  7. Thanks Robby, not sure where the Gzips came from as I couldn't figure out how to do it myself! Edit: Just read citypaul's comment on gzips after. RE: plugins, we didn't ask for any of them. We just told the dev what we wanted on the website and he was left to his own devices. After disabling all the plugins I dared to, I have attached images of the remaining active plugins. Some of them I have tried to deactivate but when I do it says my theme recommends them to be activated.
  8. If I'm not confident in what I'm doing (such as in this case) I wouldn't dare mess with it, so definitely no rushing happening on my end. I remember in Primary School we were told to write instructions on how to make jam on toast as if we were writing to an Alien that doesn't even know what a toaster is. I feel like that alien! So unless I'm given extremely basic step-by-step instructions I'm not touching it . Really appreciate your help though Jack thank you!
  9. Nope - not happening, this is beyond me so not very comfortable messing around with DNS records. Will leave the site as it is with all the disabled plugins until I can find someone to fix it.
  10. I'll give it a go! Thanks so much for your help
  11. Thanks fisicx, I have deactivated every plugin that I dare to including my caching, optimizing and ithemes security as I think you suggested. I know the backend of the site is useless but I'm just trying to get it to an acceptable standard if possible before hiring a professional developer to properly sort it out. I'm a little lost with this - not going to lie, please see my attached images. Cloudflare did a scan of my DNS records, but I don't know if that's all it needs, or if I have to copy anything else from the records my host has on file in Plesk
  12. Thanks, I'll set up an account with them but may have to ask my hosts for all the details as I probably won't know where to find them!
  13. Excellent thanks, so Cloudflare or maxCDN?
  14. Great - this will be my next step then using the advice Jack has given as well. I'm going to try this then. When you say 'clear the cache' (excuse my lack of knowledge) do I just press the clear caches button on my w3 total cache plugin before deleting all those plugins? I was going to look at maxCDN actually as I had heard a CDN was good, since budget isn't an issue (unless I'm paying for a complete site rebuild) would you say maxCDN is worth the money over cloudflare?
  15. Hi, yes it went all kinds of strange that I'm not sure I would know how to fix (see pic of just part of the landing page). However there were some noticeable differences on the results given by Pingdom.