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  1. Hello world I created the new theme for this site and I want some opinios about it. Please take a look at this page. I really like the table here - with the green banknotes and the numbering. What do you think? How about the sidebar? Please take a look around and share me your thoughts. They are welcomed!
  2. Interesting observation...

    Just delete the email account connected to the expired domain. But as a whole there is no escaping from spammers...
  3. Music while working

    Metallica - Master Of Puppets, half day today (metal)
  4. Hello guys!

    Greetings! Nice to see you here.
  5. I'm web developer

    Hello, I am a new member myself. See you around.
  6. Greetings, my name is Alfred. I like HTML and CSS and love JS. I have a passion for PS too. Front-end is for me as you can see Hope to have good time here.