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  1. Online Car Boot Sale Layout

    Hi again guys.. I'm just learning as I say and my CSS skills are useless.. Does anyone know how to fix the pop up window when you click the SHARE ICON on a sellers stall? It's on this page: https://onlinecarbooty.com/go-booting.aspx You need to be logged in though, you can use test12345@aol.com with Password: qwerty The pop up share window should appear on the stall it is clicked from but it moves to top of screen. The Avatar also appears over the top of it. Probably something very simple. Any help is really appreciated.
  2. Online Car Boot Sale Layout

    Managed to get prices over the thumbnails: https://onlinecarbooty.com/go-booting.aspx
  3. Online Car Boot Sale Layout

    Wow thanks guys.. a lot of good ideas here. I like the Slick thing with arrows either side rather than the scroll bar. Yes that menu annoys me on a desktop and I'm going to look at overlaying the prices/description. I have a sellers separate stall page when you click the sellers avatar but I need to make that more clearer and have all the items displayed on the screen at once. The max width thing I'm going to improve as the site was none responsive and I've only recently changed everything from pixels to % width. I'mm going to try and work through these as best to my ability but I'm not too clever just yet. I'm on it though :-) Thanks again for all your comments.
  4. Online Car Boot Sale Layout

    There's a category selector at the top of the page. I would love the price overlayed over the thumbnails at least but I have no idea how to do that. Any ideas? :-)
  5. Online Car Boot Sale Layout

    Yeah I agree for SEO it would help with a separate page for items with descriptions but it will involve a complete rewrite. The main thing that worries me though is deviating away from a car boot sale style.. It would start looking more like Ebay and the majority of sites which try to be Ebay, fail. Still, I wish to get this right and it's what people want that I must listen to.
  6. Online Car Boot Sale Layout

    Actually, as someone mentioned above.. The item images do slide left and right but on a desktop the slider is hard to see. Does anyone know how to add CSS to make the slider stand out? I've tried but with no success. It's written in VB/Asp.net. Many thanks again.
  7. Online Car Boot Sale Layout

    I agree with a lot of that. It was an idea I had a few years ago and it was my first attempt at a site. I had it programmed for me but changed a lot of the style myself for the better.. It WAS worse which was down to my design. I am getting better at programming and trying to tart it up but I'm not great with layout and graphics. I am constantly improving things so hopefully it will get there. I've had about 1.5 million visitors in the last 4 years so it ain't bad. It could be better though and I'm still striving for that. Really glad I found this site to hear your opinions.
  8. Online Car Boot Sale Layout

    Cheers. Aw, I like the animation ;-) I was told it was good for seo. You think it would be better to have a few fewatured items for sale on there instead?
  9. Online Car Boot Sale Layout

    Cracking point Fisicx. I'll see if I can do that tonight. Is the website up now guys? There was a slight problem on our sever.
  10. Online Car Boot Sale Layout

    Appreciated. Yeah I know about some of these floors. I'm going to try make it clearer to get to the actual sale. Once logged in the sellers information is dislayed. I do think it requires a clearer buy now button.. There's just a PayPal icon at mo when you're logged in. I did have the activation email turned off but kept getting people signing in with any old email causing big bounce rates. I'll work on this stuff this week though. I'll pass the info about the redirects on to my web hoster/programmer. Many thanks.
  11. Online Car Boot Sale Layout

    Any ideas how to fix that? There's quite a few online across the UK at mo. Very weird. But thanks for letting me know.
  12. Online Car Boot Sale Layout

    Really? Do you mind trying it again please? I've just changed it from http to https but both work ok this end.
  13. Hi, I am the founder of WWW.ONLINECARBOOTY.COM which was the first Online Car Boot Sale ever created. The site now boasts over 100,000 members but we're always trying to improve things. We don't have a big budget like the big boys and have recently changed the look of the site and tried to make it look right on mobile and desktop. Until now, it used to have a seperate site for mobiles. I just wanted to ask what you guys thought of the site, design and responsiveness as we would love any positive or negative feedback. Many thanks, Mark at OCB