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  1. I am helping a friend with his prestashop website, and he installed a module to build a sitemap it does make a sitemap_0.xml but I dont see the original sitemap.xml I search on prestashop forum but I didnt see an answer for this. regards
  2. A remade all my site using wordpress. would you please review it? https://www.acronservicios.com regards
  3. GO ahead and learn Laravel, one of the most powerfull frameworks.
  4. SEO and google cheats.

    Yes I ran the search incognito on google.es My point is that the first 3 results are from the same domain, and it is not even local. Thanks for all the answers, I know that works has to be done, and SEO is not a "thing" it is a method, a way of doing things. BTW, my web ranks at 4th on most local searches, I get mad when some web from 101kms ranks better than me . thanks you all,
  5. SEO and google cheats.

    I made my search using: "reparar movil en ondara" and "reparar movil en denia" In both of those searches I got: www.moviles-reparacion-alicante.org.es/reparaciones/calle-denia-tecnicos-tablets-alica... and also: www.moviles-reparacion-alicante.org.es/reparaciones/calle-ondara-tecnicos-tablets-alica... Are you telling me that someone made those pages? or is it a template where they input the name of every spanish city (via php)? Those guys at www.moviles-reparacion-alicante.org.es are doing some work to be at the top on both searches when they are at 110Kms from here. Recon I need to work harder to rank better. regards
  6. Noobie questions

    Take a look at bootstrap documentation. you can use it to make good menus and stuff
  7. PSD to PDF, Acrobat can't read the text!

    Set compatibility option on the higher acrobat 9x, remove the preserve photoshop editing
  8. SEO and google cheats.

    Yes, they surely are better at SEO than me, that is a fact that cannot be deny Like creating a subdomain with a common search word as in: free-wifi.whateverblog.com or all those sites full of warez. I know that google doesn't use the meta-tags anymore to do the indexing, but where should I put all the tags needed to be able, as a business not a blog, to show as high as you can on the search engines. If I have a local phone repair shop in my town (Denia), why is it that when you search on google for "phone repair in Denia" some obscure repair shop (or an indian unlock website) shows up higher than mine? That is why I am in this forum, I want to learn all the white hat, red hat, blue hat, black hat, grey hat techniques, where to find them and having a place I can come to ask for help and sometimes help someone as much as I can. regards,
  9. Hello all, My name is Humberto, I am from Spain. I am starting to make websites, using Wordpress mostly. I do some PHP and Angular, still learning but I am getting better everyday. My big concern has to do with wondering how do they do it to be able to show on google results even with words that are not on the web. Example: when you type something like "unlock phones in london" and some of the results are from generic sites that not even are in the UK. Beste regards