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  1. drkirkby

    Setting default language in HTML 5.

    Thank you. The fact I had the opening html missing, is probably why no attempt to fix the problem worked. It must be time to write a shell script to change all the pages, as I don't want to do it manually. Dave
  2. On my website, https://www.kirkbymicrowave.co.uk/ I have put a logo in the top left, which I want to keep. At the minute, the colours of the heading are H1=red H2=green H3=blue H4 = black That looks pretty horrid I know, but I'm looking for suggestions for colours (preferably in #xxxxxx hex format), that would look reasonably well with the logo. The menu structure has its own colour scheme too. I'm open to changes to that too, but I'm not so bothered about that, as I don't think it looks too bad. Bland yes, but not too alful. I stuck a test page here, with all 4 headings in https://www.kirkbymicrowave.co.uk/index6.php Dave
  3. My company (Kirkby Microwave) website was coded in XHTML, and had no errors on the W3C validator. It has been suggested that nobody uses XHTML, and I should switch to HTML 5. So I changed the bit at the top of the webpages to read <!DOCTYPE html > After making some minor changes, mainly removing the setting of the width inside the <img src> tag, I can get pages to almost validate. Some don't, but that is simply because I have not got around to fixing the errors. But the W3C validator is always complaining Warning: This document appears to be written in English. Consider adding lang="en" (or variant) to the html start tag. I can't seem to see how to fix this. Despite reading the links on the W3C validator page, no matter what I try does not work! Feel free to look at the source of my homepage, and let me know how to fix this. I only speak English, so just want to leave it as English, and nothing else. I did not post the link to my homepage, as I'd be interested if anyone that Googles Kirkby Microwave finds a .com domain. There is a .com, but it should be hidden from Google, but anyone on the BT broadband network may be able to see it, as the IP address range is restricted to those that BT seems to serve me up. Dave
  4. I did not design the CSS menu, but the XHTML I did myself with the unix text editor vi. All pages validate as XHTML strict, so I don't suppose it would be rocket science for me to convert them to HTML5. The basic structure is sound. I'm not a web designer, but if you look at the source code, you will see it is reasonably clean - compared to other sites I look at anyway! What I lack is really the "design flair". I was never any good at art at school, and are basically not an artistic personal. Technically, I think I'm reasonably competent, although I admit my knowledge of CSS is a bit lacking, but at least I know the basics, and know how to use Google! Dave
  5. drkirkby

    PhotoShop – is this a scam?

    All the links you gave are now giving "not found" errors, so I'm guessing eBay pulled them. I won an eBay dispute over these AA cells, which claim a capacity of 4600 mA hr. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20X-AA-4600mAh-NiMH-Rechargeable-Batteries-for-MP3-Toys-Digital-Camera-Game-Play/153074771842 I knew it was a lie when I bought them, but I decided to see just how bad they were. I measured at around 1300 mA hr. (I have a degree in electrical and electronic engineering, and proper test equipment to do this. ) But eBay have no interest in stopping sales of things like batteries, when it is clear no reputable company like Duracell, Energizer etc, can even make a 3000 mA hr AA NiMH rechargable battery. eBay make far too much money out of dodgy auctions. Dave
  6. drkirkby

    Travel distance calculator

    Is the idea for this to work for one shop, in one location, or for many shops throughout the country? Since if the former, it would not take long to generate a list of postcodes within 5 miles by road. You would store them in a database or even text file, and not require any accees to an external server. Of course, the above "solution" does not work if there are multiple shops, but if only one local shop, I fail to see the need for much complexity.
  7. Yes, I'm sure you are right, but one needs the design skills which I lack. I'm a scientist/engineer, and feel a bit out of my depth in trying to improve it. There was quite a discussion about my site here https://www.graphicdesignforum.org/t/suggestons-to-improve-site-particularly-menu/2887 with most people telling me to hire a professional to use WordPress. The problem I have with that, is as a small company I don't feel I can justify the expense. Also, skills improved on the site I use for commercial gain, can be taken to other sites I administer, like for my radio club https://www.dhars.org.uk/ where paying a pro is just not an option at all. I have made some changes to https://www.kirkbymicrowave.co.uk/ following some feedback received, so some of the comments on that forum may make no sense.
  8. I have circular logo for my company. That's cyan and red. I don't want to change that, as I have it on stationary, some labels attached to products sold etc. I do however want to add the logo to a website, with the company name. At the minute, my design is the one you see with "Kirkby Microwave" written in a gray text, to the right of the circular logo. I'd appreciate any thoughts of its design, or how it could be improved. The site it is on is https://www.kirkbymicrowave.co.uk/ I think there are a number of issues with the design of that site, most noticeably the menu structure is a bit poor, and the site looks dated. But that's not my main concern at the moment. I want to get a decent logo. Currently the site is written with a text editor (vi) using XHTML and CSS, but it looks as though I will need to use something like WordPress in order to give the site a more modern feel.
  9. This is web related, but I expect not the sort of thing you would normally see here. I have a piece of electronic test equipment - picture here in fact http://www.vnacalibration.co.uk/support/85054/HP/ It is quite expensive and designed to be used in a laboratory - certainly not to take outside, although there are portable versions of that sort of instrument. The x axis is frequency (from 50 MHz to 20 GHz). I want to be able to measure the properties of an antenna while outside, with a cable going between the network analyzer and the antenna. But I also need to be able to control the network analyzer and view the screen, or more likely a cut down version of the screen that will work on my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. The instrument connects to a Unix computer, which has Apache on it. I have written some command-line driven software in C to control the instrument $ vna --start 6000 will set the start frequency to 6000 MHz, or 6 GHz and $ vna --log --S21 > mesurement.s2p will measure a measurement of the parameter "S21" and save it in a file "mesurement.s2p" So I have a way of controlling this instrument from the command line - I don't need a mouse. I also have some code I wrote that can plot that data by processing the file "mesurement.s2p" Unfortuately at the minute I can only get the plot into a postscript file, which I can then convert to a PDF. In principle it should be possible to get a jpeg or png file of the results. What is the best way to go about writing this application. I think it will need 1) Two controlls, marked "START" and "STOP" which allow me to set the start and stop frequency. It would be sensible to just have that as a text box I think. (The actualy instrument also allows one to control it with a dial, but I can do without that) 2) Four "radio buttons" I think they are called, marked S11, S21, S12 and S22. I would want to be able to select one of those 4. Some code so that if I select S11, it executes on the computer $ vna --log --S21 > mesurement.s2p (to take the measurement) $ display mesurement.s2p > measureement.pdf (to generate a pdf) surement, and if I set a frequency, then press start, that will set the start frequency. So I am looking for ideas for how to design a web page to do this. I know basic HTML, and have played with the smallest amount of php. I'm thinking there is likely to be a php solution to this, but I really don't have much idea. I don't have any web design software myself - I just use the "vi" editor on unix and write directly in HTML. But I don't have a clue how to go about putting buttons on a page, then getting them to be able to execute some commands to control the instrument. I suspect I need a two-page "web site" here - one which allows me to adjust the settings of the instrument, and another which allows me to see the results. Here's a short video from Agilent, who make a portable version of my instrument. They have an ap for iOS devices that allows the instrument to be controlled. I basically want to achieve a similar thing, but I don't need to have much control. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uAYO_xtzTQ I just want something quite basic, that is able to update the screen and show new measurement data. Dave
  10. Welcome to the web designer forum drkirkby :)