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  1. Review my site please

    Thanks alot guys for getting your time out and reviewing , we will definitely consider your precious opinion and improve.
  2. Cloud storage

    dropbox works great only if you have more space
  3. Late Fees

    i wouldnt recommend it since most of them would be reluctant to pay it lol
  4. A Favour to ask

  5. PC or MAC?

    PC for sure
  6. itunes sucks for me

    yeah i had the same but theres nothin we can do about it as far as i know
  7. Twitter?

    theworldservers,follow us please
  8. How to become a moderator?

    i always wanted to become a moderator but dont know if i know enough lol
  9. Hello All!

    welcome abroad
  10. Hello there!

    welcome bro
  11. Do you enjoying your work?

    everyone enjoys works if they earn well
  12. Skype Contacts :)

    mine is theworldservers
  13. If you ran an online shop what would it be ?

    i would be selling vps,virtual private server and currently doing so
  14. Any idea how this facebook effect done

    if you need help on this visit our website an we can help you thorugh it