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  1. Logo Review

    Thanks Helen, thought so it kinda looks like the web address is pt.com. Will have a play round with it tomorrow. Also not sure about colours + font. Time for sleep!
  2. Logo Review

    Hi all, I’m really new at this and just wondered if people could perhaps give me advice on my logo: Any suggestions, improvements and constructive feedback is most welcome.
  3. I'm totally stuck with an idea... need to design a logo for a personal trainer and I just don't know where to start. Anyone know of a website where I can get some ideas? Tried google but most of the sites are generic MS clip art style looking for something clean, crisp. Quite like http://www.fit4upt.com/
  4. Sharepoint for noobs

    What exactly is Microsoft SharePoint and what does it do? I've had a quick look on wiki but can't really find all that much information on how it works, what it does... well thats in plain English Also is it something worth training in (industry standard), if so what courses should I be looking at. Apologies for a noob question just thought I might get some freindly advice here, many thanks!
  5. Career Advice

    I was looking for a design based role but would like an understanding of development. Thanks for the input will keep looking and hopefully find something
  6. Career Advice

    Hope someone can help I'm looking at getting started with a career in designing web sites. Its something I've always been interested in and done as a hobby with varying degrees of success. I'm just wondering if the following course is something worth looking at and would help land a decent job. Courses I'm looking at 1. First http://www3.open.ac.uk/courses/bin/p12.dll?C01T183 2. Then http://www3.open.ac.uk/courses/bin/p12.dll?Q01C39 Advice appreciated.
  7. Thats great thanks for you help (x2)
  8. Just as the topic really. How do I display a message if a Flash animation can't be viewed? I've made a website and want people with old school browsers to see a message when they don't have flash installed. I'm a total noob and unsure if this is actually something built into Flash or not. Any help appreciated.
  9. I'm really new at this and I'm looking for some friendly advice . I'm doing a project for college where I have to put together a website I want to use CSS but I'm finding it hard to get to grips with... Anyway I designed a website that displays perfectly within Internet Explorer but when viewed within Firefox the formatting goes off. The main problem is the spacing as seen below. We are working from a template hence some of the coding issues like myself putting a background in HTML rather than CSS, I've since worked out how to do that but I just can't get this spacing thing sorted out! Any help is really appreciated. CSS Sheet: http://www3.webng.com/Boudreaux/style.css Basic view of the website without images/flash + typos http://www3.webng.com/Boudreaux/my%20web.html