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  1. Sorry ignore this, figured it out.
  2. Hi, I want to achieve something like this (where each image links to a separate gallery) in Wordpress, ideally with Envira. Is there a way to do that?
  3. My own personal noob thread

    I'm trying to understand the fundamentals of CSS positioning. I hear a lot of talk about using a wrapper (I think some call it a container). As I understand it this is a div which holds all your other divs together (div probably isn't the best term to use, but I think you know what I mean). Its essentially a block on the page and all other 'blocks' are positioned relative to it. Is this about right? Is it essential to have a wrapper? If not then, when wouldn't you need one? Could someone include the CSS for a simple wrapper and explain why its like this. Some of the ones I've seen are given a definitive height and width in pixels (but isn't sizing things in pixels a bit nightmare-ish considering vastly differing resolutions?). If you were feeling particularly charitable you could include the code for a full (simple!) layout and explain the reasoning behind it. I could go on revealing my lack of knowledge but that'll do for now. Thank you!
  4. My own personal noob thread

    Thank you kindly .
  5. My own personal noob thread

    So at last I've dragged myself back into the realm of web design . Whenever I've attempted to learn it before I've always had my attention diverted by a fluffy dog or a shiny coin and every time I come back to it I'm reminded of how fascinating it is! Well it won't happen this time. And this is where you come in . Don't let me quit. If you've got any motivation hints and tips I'll gladly accept them. I think more than anything I need to set realistic goals, achieve them and then move a bit further. Having spent some time completing CSS tutorials I really feel its making sense in my head, I just have to put it all into practice and hand code a half-decent looking site. But the important thing is I can imagine myself doing that. If its kosher I thought I might make a thread all to myself as I expect to have lots of embarassing questions (although I know full well you're a lovely bunch and you'll understand ) which shouldn't be unleashed on an unprepared world. Tonight's questions are as follows: Is it possible to use an ordered list, i.e. <li>, without a bullet point showing? Also is it possible to change how the bullet point looks? Secondly, is there a pseudo class which designates what colour a link will be if it is the current page being viewed? Say the user is on the 'About' page, I want the 'About' link to be highlighted. If its a bit complex, we'll forget it. I want to keep things as simple as I possibly can for now! Thanks!
  6. Do you partition your hard drive and why?

    Would you mind detailing how you go about backing up? Do you use imaging software (like Acronis)? How often do you do it etc?
  7. Do you partition your hard drive and why?

    When I click 'quick reply', part of the box is a link to an advert from googlesyndication.com (not actually sure what google syndication is). Is that just me heh?
  8. Do you partition your hard drive and why?

    Looks like this might be one of those 'try it and see' scenarios. Is one of your 'old adventure games' Grim Fandango? If your using DOSbox I'm not sure it's old enough to fit the bill hehe. Still, masterpiece of a game. (Why is this reply form a link to random sites?? Its annoying )
  9. Do you partition your hard drive and why?

    Yeah, dual OS is the obvious reasoning. Interesting you mention backups. I just invested in a 1TB HDD. I need to start backing up my data properly.... So I was gonna buy a 500GB external HDD and create an image of the internal HDD with Acronis. I figured 500 gig would cover me because you can make a half size image. Incremental back ups would fill it up quick though, so later I might have to just delete the existing image and create a new one. Is that dodgy? Is there some flaw in my theory? Should I really be going for a larger external HDD? That's unrelated but not worth creating a new topic over!
  10. How big is your Monitor?

    19 inch - 1440*900 - Not big enough!
  11. Do you partition your hard drive and why?

    Well I hear a lot about these partition thingys... what's your thoughts? Could be interesting for other uninformed folk too .
  12. Long day and the dog ate my crisps!

    Hooray for virtual crisps. And 160 miles in the UK? I'm surprised you didn't end up in the sea. (OK that's more than a slight exaggeration but it sounded good.) Gratz on the work .
  13. I need Mr Motivator

    Cheers for all your wise and encouraging words (I'm really chuffed I found this community ). I'm glad to say I've been given a kick up the arse and got cracking. I did start by opening a blank html page in DW but that made me cry so for the moment I'll just be really getting to grips with HTML and then CSS until I feel confident enough to start hand coding, assuming that day will come . And may be I'll design some buttons in Fireworks or something when that becomes a grind.
  14. I need Mr Motivator

    Yes, good idea, I will do that. Tubby Dunn (to be done) lists make work seem manageable and its always rewarding to strike something off the list. Also good idea with the time thing. I'll designate some blocks of time and do my best to stick to that.
  15. I need Mr Motivator

    You know me so well. And I'm sure you're right about contracts. I just don't think I know enough about web design to get one just yet.