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  1. EasyAutocomplete Plugin Help

    I have manged to fix the issue.
  2. EasyAutocomplete Plugin Help

    Hello all I am trying to use the jQuery plugin EasyAutocomplete, but I have run into an issue. I have the plugin working in test from a json file which is fine. What happens is when the user types in a search, the search list filters and the user can click on one of the dropdown enters and be taken to another page. This is working as intended. My issue is that I have a submit button and when the user selects there search term, the submit button does not do anything. You also cannot select a search term by typing in the input field and pressing enter to be taken to that page. I would like the user to be able to go to the next page by either typing in the input field and pressing enter, pressing the submit button or clicking the link they want to use. You can view the test that I have mocked up here. Can anyone help with this? If more information is needed I can try to provide it? Thanks
  3. Javascript uncaught error

    Hello. I have used a CodePen to try and implement a smooth scroll effect when the nav links are clicked on a site, but have run into a few issues. The smooth scroll effect works as expected, but it throws up Javascript errors with every press on the nav links. The console error is as follows: The code I have in my script file is as follows: $(document).ready(function() { var scrollLink = $('.scroll'); // SMOOTH SCROLLING scrollLink.click(function(e) { e.preventDefault(); $('body,html').animate({ scrollTop: $(this.hash).offset().top }, 1000 ); }); // ACTIVE LINK SWITCHING $(window).scroll(function() { var scrollbarLocation = $(this).scrollTop(); scrollLink.each(function() { var sectionOffset = $(this.hash).offset().top - 20; if ( sectionOffset <= scrollbarLocation ) { $(this).parent().addClass('active'); $(this).parent().siblings().removeClass('active'); } }); }); }); I'm not sure why these errors appear. I am using jQuery 2.2.4min. Can anyone help? If more information is required please let me know. You can view the site here. Thank you for your help.
  4. Flexboxgrid system media queries

    Hello all. I am having a play with the flexboxgrid system and have come across an issue. I would like to create a media that only works on medium screen sizes. The documentation does not seem to give you the widths of the different breakpoints that the system uses. Can anyone give me some advice on how to create a media query to only target medium screens? The flexboxgrid can be viewed here: http://flexboxgrid.com/ Thanks.
  5. Learn ES6

    Thanks for all your help. You have both been very informative.
  6. Learn ES6

    Thanks. I did have a brief look at that course before posting here. I didn't know it was also in print format. Thanks once again.
  7. Learn ES6

    Thanks for this. I have been looking for a beginner's guide to es6, but couldn't find anything. That's why I reached out to people on here. I figured it would be best to learn es6 as it will help in the future.
  8. Learn ES6

    Thanks. I'll check that out too.
  9. Learn ES6

    Thanks for your replies. I had a look at the course from Wes Bos, but he says it's not really for beginners. Can you recommend any good courses for beginners? I will try Code Academy.
  10. Learn ES6

    I really want to learn es6, but don't really know much javascript. Is it best to learn javascipt, then es6 or can I just try to learn es6? Can anyone point me in the right direction for good books/courses on es6 for beginners? Thanks
  11. Google MX Records

    Thanks for your reply. I will take a look into this.
  12. Google MX Records

    Thanks for your reply. 1and1 only gave me the SPF record to update. I updated this, but it didn't work and the emails I sent were still going to spam. I then deleted the SPF record and changed the MX record to the ones Google provide. I found those on a Google help page. I have not signed up to Google Apps. Do I need to sign up to this to use their MX records? Also will changing my MX records affect the outbound server? I can get mail fine to my 1and1 inbox, but when I reply to the email, that is when the problem occurs.
  13. Google MX Records

    Hello I have a domain which is hosted on 1and1.co.uk and I have set up an email inbox there. The issue I am having is that when I send emails from this inbox, they always go to the spam/junk folder of the recipent. I set up an SPF record which they gave me, but it doesn't seem to work and to be honest I'm not sure what this does. If I change my MX records to use Google, do you think this will stop the issue? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks
  14. Responsive Navigation

    Thanks for your reply
  15. Responsive Navigation

    Hello. Can anyone point me in the right direction with a tutorial or plugin to create a responsive navigation. I really like the way the navigation displays on mobile viewports on this site and would like to implement something similar. Thanks