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    Yes you are right sometime color with multiple tool are not supported . so, out website layout is dishonored. Same problem with me in my web hosting url.
  2. Creating HTML emails?

    HTML E-mails are nothing but put HREF link and other tags. Then we attach file to the system. Pls, read any reference book you find easily HTML Code.
  3. Website not right in firefox

    All this graphics related problem in every site and in this web site the your graphics page have one mistake which is related to Flash. And all other are image size setting and other hyper link setting.
  4. Hey, you have very nice information and very useful link with all related software and web design. I use this all information for my knowledge.
  5. stop pixelated round edges?

    we are never bothered to try easier methods for creating rounded corners, or I am not afraid of having horrible eyesight in a mere five to eight years. Regardless, one of my most oft-used little image creation tricks has to do with mountaintops: want that corner a little rounder? Just add another peak.
  6. three graphic layout css syle?

    Hi Dude , Your perfectioning technique is right and no one single error on this 3 color comb.