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Slow website review - need some suggestion

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Hello, i create this website using wordpress https://gamersarsenal.it/


I am trying to replicate a magazine cover using revolution slider. the problem is that it is slow. What would be the best way to create this "magazine cover" without slowing down the website?

I am still working and fixing stuff along the homepage, but if you have any suggestion you are welcome.


thank you in advance for the help

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156 server requests, a 2.33mb homepage, a poor theme and a whole load of plugins are all slowing things down.


It's as if you have found a while bunch of features and shoved them on the site without any thought about the needs of the users. Sliders are pointless and ineffective in nearly all cases. I wouldn't bother adding them to the site.

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Thank you for the advice, the slider it is an experiment, all i was trying to achieve is to make it different from all the websites that look the same,

Why do you think this theme is poor? do you have any magazine like theme to suggest?

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