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Help needed regarding robots.txt

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Hi There,


I've paid a web designer to design a site for me and realised it was no where to be found in google. after some researching I've realised that they have set the robots.txt to not allow.

user-agent: *disallow: /

My question is.. How do I change this myself? I ask this as I'm concerned they have done this in order to sell an seo package to me , which I can successfully do myself so I have no need for it. All I have is their control panel and there is no where I can see I can change this. It's slightly worrying as I feel I have no absolute control over my site/business as it seems it is built with wordpress but I have no access to the wordpress cpanel only theirs. I own the domain and have changed the name servers to theirs.

how do I get my site visible? is there a way to do this if they are uncooperative?





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