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  1. I would like to share with you one more website that I have made and I would be very grateful if you could give me some reviews. Good or bad does not matter. All are acceptable. The website is not live yet, cause i am waiting for some material from the owner. That is the reason why it is in a subdomain. The website is almost 90% ready. Here it is: http://artrick.aristeidiskaravas.com/ Previous posts from me: 1. http://www.webdesignerforum.co.uk/topic/84432-my-own-website-your-own-critiques/ Best regards, Aristeidis Karavas
  2. @@embluk I use foundation zurb. It is really helpful if you want to create a quick responsive page and dont have the time to build it from scratch. I am aware of the two logos. Sadly i dont have any experience with photoshop so it is going to be difficult. I will try it thou. Thank you all for your critics i will aplly everything i can Aristeidis
  3. I would like to share with you two websites that I have made and I would be very grateful if you could give me some reviews. Good or bad does not matter. All are acceptable. prosferoumeapokardias.org Home - Marias-Restaurant (not entirely completed) I am also in the middle of a new project, but it is not online yet, so here are some screenshots. Screenshot by Lightshot Screenshot by Lightshot Thanks a lot Aristeidis Karavas
  4. Need Suggestion for Web

    I would create bigger distances between the rows. for example the placeholder for the website url would be more appealing if it was twice the size. i mean the background. Maybe the placeholder's width could be a little bit bigger. After the h2 Our Website Responsive test makes your life easy you could use a hr and a bigger distance. Just try it
  5. Notepad++ or Visual Studio for Websites and Apps?

    Best of all for web development is Sublime Text 2. By far!!
  6. How long did it take you to learn web development?

    I follow something that my mother used to say. One image is 1000 words. Youtube is now the best way to learn fast, accurate and the resources are limitless. I followed the youtube channel Quentin Watt. Trust me, you dont need anything else!
  7. website review

    Are you using a cms? if yes try a plugin called news. Every cms has a plugin that support news.
  8. My First Website

    I find the header nice. I also find nice that the website is responsive. After that, the homepage is poor. You could use a hr after the heading with a width ca 30% border-bottom: 1px solid (yourcolour); margin:0 auto; . I would use a two grid row after that with more text or text and an image on the other side. The background would ne nice if it was white. Then a div with a fixed background image and some content. 2 or 1 grid is up to you. try it and show us the results.