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  1. I want to set up a visual arts website with my class. The pupils went off to find a template that I could use on the WordPress platform but the one they chose and like (an I like also) is a Wix template => http://www.wix.com/website-template/view/html/794 Has anybody come across this template for WP or something similar that I could manipulate to look and work similarly to the Wix template? Thanks.
  2. I have a three monitor set up. It used to be powered with a Matrox Triple Head to Go (Digital) but it died. When I contacted Matrox Support they told me that it couldn't be run via a Dell Docking Station (which it did for years) so I decided to look for an alternative. I bought a Startech 3 Port Multi Monitor MST Hub and 3 x DisplayPort Plug to DVI-D and set up as follows: Displays ports on monitors to Startech and Startech (via Display Port) to docking station (I also tried connecting directly to my laptop - M6700). I can't get the three monitors to show an extended view on my desktop. Every kind of configuration appears but not the one I'm trying to get. My desktop appears as one of 4 and the taskbar is actually showing quite high on the screen. Any ideas on what I can do? Thanks.
  3. I'll do that fisicx. I'm going to do some backups now and I'll work on one site at a time. Thanks for the offer of PM ... it's much appreciated.
  4. Hosting says no problem with multi-ste on their shared IP. Support says that multi-site can be implemeted on my existing set up (if I know how - which I don't) without having to start afresh.
  5. I'll contact hosting to see if they allow multi-site hosting on a shared IP. Re. cpanel - I can see all the sites listed and one click will allow WP to update but I often find that a site I haven't looked at in awhile has themes to updates, plugins to update etc. I guess I need to be able to control all from one overview location. I'm afraid to start messing with the sites in the hope of getting multi-site to work. If I was more sure of what to do I'd chance it. I know there would be work involved but if I could get things to work more efficiently I'd chance it. The pupils could suggest many more ideas and I'd be happy to run with them. Another site they want to do if a book review site which would be great for them but again another site brings more work. I'd have to activate a star rating plugin which is another plugin to add to the mix that's already there - more means more ability to control the sites slipping away. Anyways, I'll contact hosting re. multi-site to see what they say and I'll report back. Thanks for all help/suggestions thus far. It's much appreciated.
  6. That could put paid to my idea of having a multi-site set up as we are on shared hosting. It's hard enough to get the school to pay for shared hosting; asking the school to pay for a dedicated IP address wouldn't be entertained. Is there any way of setting up a vitual dashboard on my laptop or is there any plugin that I can install on the main website to allow me maintain the sites from the one location?
  7. Unfortunately, I'm the only teacher in the school with any interest/knowledge of WordPress. The pupils in my class (ages 10 to 12) get to be authors on the various sites and those who become admins reset passwords, proof read posts or attempt to add pages/categories. I still, as the teacher, have to look at all they do and I have to run the school's main site also. The pupils love doing themed stand alone sites but maintenance is starting to get out of hand for me to a point where I'm neglecting it. And I still have to prepare for and teach my class in all the other subject areas. IT is not a subject here, it's an added on extra => just another way of presenting work. My class have their own dedicated site where they each post their stories, poetry etc. I have set up a site dedicated to displaying their art work and the pupils scan/photograph art work for display but the maintenance of the site is still mine. Even a piece of software that I could install on my laptop that would allow me access the site via a local dashboard would be great. I'm just overwhelmed at the moment with info. Our five years old Science & maths website is overflowing with material and removing that to put it back would daunt me. I'm at a loss as to how to approach this and it's only getting worse. I have two pupils in my class who want to do a site based on a well known children's author and it's hard saying no to them.
  8. I am running 21 WP sites =|> a main site at www.example.com and the rest in subdomains e.g. www.example.com/site1 and so on. This is a school set up and we have themed sites in the sub domains; photo gallery site, Science & Maths website etc. I'm the person who sets up and sorts all the sites. Other teachers contribute to various sites and the pupils also act as authors or admins on some sites. The problem I'm experiencing is that I can't keep up with the spring cleaning side of updating plugins etc. Can I move everything to a multi site set up? If possible, how easy is it to do? Are individual site databases in danger of losing info if moved to a multi-site set up? Would I need to take everything down to do a fresh install? Can I still use individual plugins on specific sites? Thanks.
  9. Tetrapak

    Tetrapak say 'hi'

    Thanks Ben .... I'll check out the link for WordPress .... Your offer of help is much appreciated .... I'll see how I get on .... I may come knocking on your door. Think I should go through the different areas of the forum first. It's well laid out .... so there's no excuse for me not to see what help has been offered on the site already. It a very easy site to navigate .... but more importantly the help offered is very understandable. One area I must check out is the one to do with hosting ... I have moved our school site to a hosting service that uses cPanel .... up to now I was using free space and uploading via explorer ... copying/pasting. php looks interesting, as does all the talk about MySQL etc but they don't mean much to me yet .... but I'll be checking out the coding section of the site for some tuition. Lots to learn .... better get started Regards, Jerry
  10. Hi all, Nice site .... a web design enthusiast's dream. I'm a primary teacher in Ireland, my skills are limited, having started with notepad and html - I'm still using the notepad with a little Dreamweaver but mostly it's the long way I do stuff. My interest is mainly in using with the children in my class. They write html also (8-12 yr old). We use the web to present our work to the world. We started with a basic site in 2001. Our current site appeared in 2005 - (past it's sell by date now). We mostly keep an online diary (written by the children), and we do some themed sites also. They take about six weeks to produce - our school work revolves around a theme and then we compile all our material and publish it. The class are doing framed sites at the moment. After that they'll move onto CSS. My knowledge slows down after that so we mess about with what we know after that. I'm always open to ideas - I learn ==> class learns! I'm trying to make the site more manageable content wise because it takes ages to upload material and I like the class to be able to do it .... any ideas. We are putting a science themed site together at the moment but updating it takes forever going the manual way .... Our site is here .... see what you think: www.aghinans.ie You'll find lots of holes in it from a web design point of view but we do try.. Regards, Tetrapak (aka Jerry)