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  1. Hi all I'm a young, start out web designer and have undertaken a big project of creating my own website to showcase my services. Firstly, there are a few creases I need to iron out, mainly the responsive device views. With that being said a few disclaimers before you all tear me apart: 1. The website isnt completely responsive on all devices as of yet (i'm leaving that to be the last thing to edit) 2. I know there is duplicate CSS rules when it comes to the repsonsive side as im going to attend to this with 1. 3. This is my first site of this size and I wanted to write every line of code myself, so the [static] website is all my own work and therefore would love to know some professional opinions. 4. I would love to know whether people agree with me putting all the CSS into one stylesheet, I did have seperate files for each device size, however, I decided to consolidate them into just the one stylesheet. My site: http://biobreakwebdesign.co.uk Thanks all
  2. Thank you for this mate. Sorry I've been working but i'm going to start working on all those points you've raised!
  3. Hi all I'm fine tuning the CSS stylesheets I have for different devices, however when I update the files on my server i'm getting two different outcomes on my https:// site and then http:// version. One is picking up one stylesheet and one another, so they look different on most devices. In total I have 7 stylesheets, each is changed for the specific device dimensions. Has anyone any idea why this is happening? I was thinking it was to do with a lag between the files being updated on both protocols. Thanks
  4. Hi all Probably a post that is rather popular and futile, but I'm start out freelance web designer and I'm creating my first large static website and I have come up with a few issues surrounding making the website responsive on different devices. From the start, I have created 7 different stylesheets. One, a generic style.css file, then 6 sheets that are designed purely for the different device sizes. I've then in the <head> section set the limitations to each sheet (e.g. <link rel="stylesheet" media="(min-device-width: 377px) and (max-width: 480px)" href="css/style-xsmall.css" />). 1. This has worked, to varying levels of success, however, I'd like to get people opinions on whether this is best practice as I'd really like to understand and get the fundementals right from the start. I have thought about having one stylesheet with the @media sizes bit but that one stylesheet becomes unbearably long. 2. Furthermore, I've hit a snag. On one of the stylesheets I have hidden an element (using display: none;) as the text doesnt work well on a specific device size, this is then inherited on all the different device views as it is picking it up first, even when the device size is not set to that stylesheets parameters. So my question is, have I linked the stylesheets to the device widths correctly? and why do they pick up all 7 stylesheets? I apologise if this is a reoccurring and futile topic for web designers, but I've been teaching myself for 6 years and it's something I'm looking to make my full time job so any advice for a young, start out freelancer would be much appreciated. My website in question FYI is: https://biobreakwebdesign.co.uk Thanks, Tom.
  5. Thanks BrowserBugs for the reply. This makes perfect sense. I simply copied style.css into all the other ones and did think that it maybe wasted. Ill go through and delete all repititon. Interesting on your stylesheets, do you then have sections in your main stylesheet for the different device sizes? sing @media then?