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  1. I've been asking for quotes to build apps for a services on-demand business, and i presumed i would need 5 apps.... Two for the Customers (IOS and Android) and two for the Services Provider's (IOS and Android) and one for me as admin. But one designer has said its not necessary and both services providers and customers can use the same app. And he can make one app compatible with both IOS and Android Is that possible?
  2. I am setting up a new on-demand services business in London and need to get a website built. However with so many on-demand websites emerging, i wonder if it needs to be made from scratch or if i could buy one ready made, or at least the template for one which i could tweak. Ive seen a couple of websites seemingly offering this service but its hard to get clear quotes from them. I imagine a fully functional on-demand website will be expensive (onboarding, profiles, link to gmaps, notifications, payment and booking system etc) Thanks
  3. Munch

    How to build a database of helpers,?

    Thanks! So if my service providers are all individuals, would i still be able to find them on a database for sale? Freelance cleaners and handymen. Also, the Uk and Eu have become so strict with their laws. We may not send unsolicited emails without folk choosing to opt-in first.
  4. Hi all. Im going to launch a service based website similar to www.handy.com, offering home based services. However in order to launch and start aggressively marketing it, i would need a database of cleaners and helpers. Looking for customers should only happen when they are able to use the service properly. I can't launch until i can offer the service. How do i do that,? How do i get folk to sign up and work for me before revealing the website to the world?.