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  1. Image from url

    hi thanks for all your feed back,i came across this plugin MinQueue, is shaved off over 2 seconds from the site i am working on by combining styles and scripts,i had to check youtube to find out how to use it properly. hope this helps others.
  2. Image from url

    hi i am from ireland, currently using black night hosting
  3. Image from url

    could you recommend a good hosting company?
  4. Image from url

    Thanks Web Guru,i am using shared hosting,but on another site it loads very quick,about 1 second,the theme is from UX ,gets good reviews. the slow site takes 4 seconds to load.
  5. Image from url

    THANKS GUYS,the image at 4mb was only a test to check if linking the image from another site would speed things up. I made a website for a local woman selling jewelry,the images have to be good quality to show off her work so they are quite large,around 400kb or more, i cant seem to optimize them any more without loosing quality.
  6. Image from url

    hi all,i am trying to speed up my site by using imgbox to host images,i did a little test,i uploaded a 4mb image to imgbox and linked the image url to my website,it worked fine until i did a speed test,my load time increased and it said my image was to big,"server scale image" is this normal,i taught i wouldnt have this problem once the image was not directly on my wordpress site.. any help would be great. thanks for reading.{}
  7. HI hew here

    hi,my name is Seamus,and i am starting to design websites in WordPress.