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  1. Hey guys, just came across this post recently and just wanted to add my 2c. Rallport was spot on when he suggested you go for the Andy Clark contract, it's an informal contract which says all the right things. If you're hesitant of asking your client to sign a contract (like most people are), then Andy's contract is a great start. If you're looking for something a little bit more formal (and there are going to be quite a few instances where this is going to be necessary), the Killer contract is not going to work. One of our most popular posts has been one where we've actually created a bundle of 17 web design contracts for different circumstances. Besides your standard web design contract, we've also included various types of contracts or agreements which a web designer will probably need at some point in their career. Here's what the bundle contains: 1 – Killer Contract by Andy Clarke 2 – Project Acceptance Form and / or Statement of Work 3 – The AIGA Standard form of agreement for Web Design services 4 – Web Design Client Questionnaire 5 – Website Design Agreement Contract tool 6 – Contract for contracting (Independent / Freelance) development services 7 – Andy Rutledge Design Project Contracts bundle 8 – Web Design and Development services contract 9 – Short form Web design Contract 10 – Work for hire / Retainer agreement 11 – Non-Disclosure Agreements 12 – Privacy and Cookie Policy 13 – Mobile Application Development Contract 14 – Privacy Policy for mobile apps 15 – Invoicing clients 16 – Collection of dues 17 – Cease and Desist Hope this is beneficial to you and the rest of the readers of the webdesignerforum. Cheers David
  2. Hey guys, how's it going. It's David here - it's one of the first times I came across this forum strangely enough. I run a site for web designers (Joomla, WordPress) called DART Creations. I'm also in a startup for web designers called BeeWits. I also frequently write for such publications as webdesignerdepot, css-tricks, sitepoint, wpmudev and quite a few others. Just wanted to register here and mostly lurk around to see what's going on in general! Cheers David