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Help! A perfectly polite but awkwardly demanding client.

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I've recently won a design & build contract with an investment manager who is mainly absent/busy and therefore having his wife manage the project.


They both tell me however that content must come from him because he's the expert. She's been very fast to get the contract signed, approve the design and get images over to me but while I await the copy and final structure, regularly dropping polite reminders to him as I would with any ongoing client - I get almost daily emails from her instructing me to insist he send specific chunks of copy to me by specific dates. She tells me in jest that I must tell him what to do or he won't do it, then types in bold that I must not forget be firm and not to tell him what she's told me. ?


So far, I've explained in a few different ways that of course I'll check in with him and ask for updates in order that I can maintain my schedule but it's getting incredibly awkward!!


What can I do with this? I'm feeling caught in the middle of a very weird relationship and I can't find the words or actions to make my position and role in the project clear!

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having his wife manage the project.


I think this tells you as much as you need to know... she's the project manager so it's HER responsibility to get stuff to you. It is not your responsibility to chase anyone other than her as she's the project manager.

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