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  1. OK, thank you for your feedback guys Just one more question: what do you think about the red color? I've used it to symbolize passion and energy but personaly it's not my "type". It also reveals my gender. I was thinking about using green - persuasion trick to give green light to the CV. Besides this, I think that it was gender neutral. I'm also not sure about coloring only the first three letters of the sections - some people told me that it looks strange. Maybe I should mark the whole word? Seeing my CV too much these days reduces my ability to analyze it critically.
  2. Btw, feedback from me to you to: having three page CV is not a good solution from UX perspective. Since you're on this forum, I suppose u work as designer, so you can use visuals or make interactive online CV to show off your skills. Nobody needs to read lengthy CV. Thanks for.your time again ❤️
  3. Awesome man! Love your analysis. I'm not sure about the hanging punctuation part, what does that mean? When it comes to the * in the skills section, can you suggest better design solution (example link or something)? Btw, love your username - I'm studying fuzzy logic and membership functions now. Cheers!
  4. Awesome, thanks. Tried to summarize it into one sentence to fit 1 page CV but I need to put more effort on it. Thanks man :) What do you think about the design: color, fonts? Are there some parts that can be improved to get better readability?
  5. Hello fisicx Applying for general digital marketing position. BTW, what did u perceive like a bunch of buzzwords? Thanks! ❤️
  6. Hi guys, I need feedback for my CV design which represents a modified template. Looking for small tweaks that can improve the visual appearance since I don't want to lose my "style" :P Your day went wrong? You're the one for me! Want to spill out on someone? Even better! Be BRUTAL but constructive. Thank you a lot in advance ❤️ http://bit.ly/2E4a1I2