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  1. Hi all! Anyone have a clue of any tutorials or how to's on using Grape JS pagebuilder? Im learning how to use it although somethings are still not clear, especially how to use the Slider option? Thanks https://grapesjs.com/demo.html
  2. Its not made abit of difference aha! Its a proper conundrum? Ive changed all areas of font-size to 100% and the menu is still larger on the page? FAQS Code.rtf
  3. @BrowserBugs Hi! Perfect thank you! It was a feature the previous designer put in place but I agree. So if i remove that entry completely, this will solve the issue? Cheers
  4. Hi all, New here so sorry if i dont follow protocol. Ive added some custom code to a page on my business website, on the FAQ page, which has worked, although it has made the text in the main nav menu become larger than it is in the rest of the website? Any ideas? The page in question is: https://www.dexshell.co.uk/FAQ-s The code ive used is: FAQS Code.rtf Any ideas anyone?