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  1. DonkeyWorx

    reCAPTCHA not easy to implement, any other solutions?

    I use a honeypot (but wasn't fully confident of it) and the spawn suggestion from @BrowserBugs (which I was). I also check for "a href=" because my customers shouldn't need to include a link in the contact form. That combo currently works for me. I'm currently trapping the spam into a specific mailbox along with the host IP so I can review it. The spam to arrive first and in greatest volume appears to all come from IPs in St Petersburg :-)
  2. DonkeyWorx

    Is srcset useful in responsive design

    Thanks. As my site promotes my images I need control over the image displayed on different screens. My desktop banner images are too wide to look good on mobile so I need to switch. Sounds like srcset is the way to go.
  3. Is using srcset the best way to deliver mobile-specific images or is it better to use plain css to show and hide specific images in a responsive design? TIA Paul
  4. DonkeyWorx

    Irrelevant GDPR

    For all those frustrated by GDPR requirements, especially when they are irrelevant or inappropriate, I thought I'd share this fora little light relief...
  5. DonkeyWorx

    PHP AntiSpam Timer into the Email

    Many thanks - that successfully highlighted my stupidity. The form was in an html page not a php file so the php wasn't executing. Knew I was missing something obvious.
  6. DonkeyWorx

    Too Old?

    At nearly 60 I am clearly so far over the hill I'm in another country! But experience tells me this... knowledge is easy if you can read, learning is easy if you want to, it's what you do with that knowledge which defines your success. I'd say a professional attitude and insightful solutions will always find customers.
  7. DonkeyWorx

    PHP AntiSpam Timer into the Email

    Yes, I was expecting $submitted to be a date but currently it contains the whole php code verbatim from the input section of the form and not 2018-03-29 10:28:16 as I was expecting. Thanks for clarification on strtotime - that explains why my time check doesn't work because it's not getting a date as input but the string intended to generate the date. Do I need to put $submitted = $_POST['sent']; into a if($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD']=='POST') { $submitted=$_POST('sent'); } construct?
  8. DonkeyWorx

    PHP AntiSpam Timer into the Email

    Thanks, my php is not great so apologies if this is obvious. What I was specifically trying to do was get the value of 'sent' from your <input name="sent" type="hidden" value="<?php echo date('Y-m-d H:i:s');?>"> but when I do $submitted = $_POST['sent']; the variable $submitted contains <?php echo date('Y-m-d H:i:s');?> not the date string I was expecting. Which makes me think I'm missing something. I tried combinations of strtotime and dateformat but can't get it to work and although my php skills may be letting me down I wondered again if I'm missing something more fundamental.
  9. DonkeyWorx

    PHP AntiSpam Timer into the Email

    I'm trying to implement an anti-bot timer on my contact form as suggested by @BrowserBugs here But I'd also like to include the time in the email so I can check what I'm doing and because it would be useful. If I simply put the posted value 'sent' into a variable and include that in the email I get the complete php code from the form input not the date-time. And if I use strtotime on 'sent' first I don't get anything in the resulting variable. What am I missing? TIA Paul
  10. Could it be a Norton site validation? Second line reads site secured by Norton.
  11. Not sure if you mean "company" as in a trading style or brand; or a formal company structure which is more for accounting and tax purposes than marketing as you can trade under any name even as a freelancer. IMO... (a) Whatever name you use should be memorable and that's often easier with a "brand" name. Your regular customers will remember your personal name but potential or irregular customers are likely to recall you if your "brand" is memorable. And don't forget you may pick up clients from people who have worked with you at one client but move to another - then it's even more important that you're easy to remember. (b) If you want to go with your own name you can always add "and Partners" to give weight to your business for those who need that comfort. (c) Forget the technicalities of employment structure and just showcase your portfoliio; along the lines of "I've worked on projects for..."
  12. DonkeyWorx

    Webdesign color scheme..

    I agree with James, colours are fine but I'd consider switching the red/magenta to the same colours as your menu. I'd go white for the titles/headers and the grey for body copy but the gold would work for the titles too. I'd also reduce the font size of the big headers a bit and give them a normal weight - they currently look like you're shouting way too loud while the rest of the design is quite classy. You're wise to go with dark for a gamer site and IMO you need a neutral colour scheme because you don't know what colours your screenshots will include and may clash. Not sure if it is deliberate or just my system but I found it disconcerting that the hero video on the home page appears partly behind the menu - which is fine in itself but it leaves a grey spacer bar across the video. Hope this helps. Just one opinion remember. Paul
  13. DonkeyWorx

    When to use a Loader

    Thanks all. I've got a simple CSS animation working. Not as slick as I'd like but does the job until I can raise my game
  14. DonkeyWorx

    When to use a Loader

    I thought I'd got a simple one implemented using an SVG animation (or is it animated SVG) but the animation doesn't run until the document is ready which kind of defeats the object - am I missing something?
  15. DonkeyWorx

    When to use a Loader

    Sounds like I'll have to bite the bullet for our puzzles pages - it will add the overhead I've just saved, as well as adding complexity for clients