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  1. Could it be a Norton site validation? Second line reads site secured by Norton.
  2. Not sure if you mean "company" as in a trading style or brand; or a formal company structure which is more for accounting and tax purposes than marketing as you can trade under any name even as a freelancer. IMO... (a) Whatever name you use should be memorable and that's often easier with a "brand" name. Your regular customers will remember your personal name but potential or irregular customers are likely to recall you if your "brand" is memorable. And don't forget you may pick up clients from people who have worked with you at one client but move to another - then it's even more important that you're easy to remember. (b) If you want to go with your own name you can always add "and Partners" to give weight to your business for those who need that comfort. (c) Forget the technicalities of employment structure and just showcase your portfoliio; along the lines of "I've worked on projects for..."
  3. Webdesign color scheme..

    I agree with James, colours are fine but I'd consider switching the red/magenta to the same colours as your menu. I'd go white for the titles/headers and the grey for body copy but the gold would work for the titles too. I'd also reduce the font size of the big headers a bit and give them a normal weight - they currently look like you're shouting way too loud while the rest of the design is quite classy. You're wise to go with dark for a gamer site and IMO you need a neutral colour scheme because you don't know what colours your screenshots will include and may clash. Not sure if it is deliberate or just my system but I found it disconcerting that the hero video on the home page appears partly behind the menu - which is fine in itself but it leaves a grey spacer bar across the video. Hope this helps. Just one opinion remember. Paul
  4. When to use a Loader

    Thanks all. I've got a simple CSS animation working. Not as slick as I'd like but does the job until I can raise my game
  5. When to use a Loader

    I thought I'd got a simple one implemented using an SVG animation (or is it animated SVG) but the animation doesn't run until the document is ready which kind of defeats the object - am I missing something?
  6. When to use a Loader

    Sounds like I'll have to bite the bullet for our puzzles pages - it will add the overhead I've just saved, as well as adding complexity for clients
  7. When to use a Loader

    I don't like them either but I have some game content which takes a while (8-10 secs on slow 3G) to load even when optimised so I'm thinking it needs a loader. I'd have thought 4 secs was the max time to wait without giving some indication that something is happening. But I personally find loaders which don't indicate progress to be counter-productive and a progress loader is probably beyond my skillset.
  8. When to use a Loader

    Do you ever use a loader animation and if so under what circumstances? Do you have a load test time which prompts the use of a loader or just put in there anyway just in case someone visits from bhutan via mobile. TIA Paul
  9. Hero, Carousel or Montage

    Thanks for the feedback. I did consider a gallery front page which I think is what you are suggesting (a montage for me is multiple images in a single picture). A gallery is pretty standard practice for illustrators (which immediately puts me off ) but the issue is that we have several different services and the puzzle game development is at least as important as illustration and that doesn't come over as well in a gallery. There is too much text I agree - there was a lot more! But I'm not entirely clear about the SEO of a completely image-heavy site - perhaps someone can enlighten me. The intention is to market the individual services via their individual internal pages, the home page is essentially a graphical interface (the cog elements) for the different services which is what is making the showcase image so awkward. The rest of the content on the home page below the cog icons is really just there for SEO purposes The other reason the site is not inundated with images is because a lot of the existing stuff looks dated so I'm reworking lots of it. Very good point about contact details - will rectify that ASAP. What were the other issues you found?
  10. We provide a range of cartoon illustration and puzzle services so the main image on the home page is currently a montage of various images representing that. But some important voices are unconvinced and would prefer a single image - either a hero image or a carousel (which I've read no-one bothers to use so had dismissed) what are your thoughts/experience? Here's the page if you want to see the current solution - http://www.donkeyworx.com/index.shtml - feedback welcome. TIA. Paul
  11. Question/test form for riddle site

    We usually convert the input to uppercase so then you only have to check for FLOWER. Not familiar with WordPress but toUpper (or similar) is a standard function in javascript, php and almost any other language.
  12. Contact form spam

    If you're testing for an empty honeypot field you need to turn off auto-complete or the browser may fill it for you.
  13. Please review my site

    I liked the animation - it helps the site look a bit different to every other designer's site - but is only valuable if your prospective customers might want something similar. Animation is useful for music, arts or entertainment sites where style and originality is important so perhaps consider this area as an initial specialisation. Examples would be useful but I guess you're just starting so don't have any. Definitely lose the certificates - Udemy courses may be helpful to you but they don't carry any weight with customers IMO. It's a bit like saying - I've read some books so I know what I'm doing. Certificates are only valuable if you've been tested and passed. Even those who have computer degrees rarely advertise the fact because customers are really only impressed by results - hence the need for examples ASAP.
  14. Share Buttons

    Thanks for this. I also found this https://simplesharingbuttons.com/ which looks a useful shortcut and covers more sites.
  15. Submit form.

    Bear in mind you will also need some simple anti-spam, anti-bot protection to your form otherwise you'll start getting spam SEO messages very quickly - says the voice of experience