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  1. I`d like, alongside with building up a store on Etsy, to make some stores on other platforms for advertising purposes. So I need some platforms with low-priced listings (best case - free). Google search gives results like this. https://easyerp.com/blog/sites-like-etsy/ and this https://moneypantry.com/etsy-alternatives/ But, almost all of them are made up of paid sites and/or major platforms. I need some platforms with a good community like here. So, could you, guys, advice some platforms? Thanks in advance
  2. Started my own store recently and now looking for some apps to enhance it. Of course started from digging through a ton of "Top any number here apps for your super-duper Shopify store" lists on Google. https://easyerp.com/blog/50-best-shopify-apps/ But most of them look like a sheer ad, so I, frankly, doubt their relevance and transparency (and aforementioned too, as it is a blog of some ERP). Anyway, my question is about some proper inventory and automated invoices creation apps, also some advice about instant "buy" button would be great. Could you please suggest some and share some experience about handling product variants.