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  1. Error that i can't seem to fix

    Hello, If got a school asignment to make a forum with PHP. I wrote about 50% of the code and i came across a problem, A error message The message stains: Warning: mysqli_fetch_assoc() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given in C:\xampp\htdocs\forum\content_function.php on line 7 I looked it up on the internet but none of the sites seem to fix my probem. I've been looking for a solution for 2 hours straight now and i'ts driving me crazy. I attached the file to this post for you to see. I hope you guys can help me! Rainier. content_function.php
  2. Improving my site

    Your reply really really helped and its an amazing response. i will defently take a look at my work schedule and improve it, the first thing im going to focus on now is to make my design. if im done with that ill do the function after it. i worked the whole weekend on my website and if i dindt find out about this forum my website would not be this far. Fisicx said he would like to help me so im looking after that! and its always nicer to have somone with you to help you with problem you dont know the answer to. I will keep you guys up-to-date with my design and everything and if i run into problems ill just ask you all because i know you guys always know the answer. With this out of the way i want to say something else. My teacher gave me the assignment to make a game called "boter kaas eieren" its called tic tac toe in english, and its all about javascript. he helped us many lessons but i still dont know what to do. i dont know what is what? the final thing i need to fix about this game/program is the make the scoreboard function. if PLAYER 1 wins it needs to say PLAYER 1: 1 point and that is the same for player 2 and if its a draw both of the players get 1 point. i know this sounds really weird for u now but i think u need to see the overal thing. i can't put it online so i would like to show you via skype, to share the screen and then you can see the code behind it and the overall thing. if u want to contact me my skype is feudelcosine148 if u want to contact me somewhere else just say so Thank you guys for everything so far!
  3. Improving my site

    the purpose of my website is just a simple website of myself and it has no purpose at all, not for real customers, they can not buy anything, the only thing they can do is learn who i am and what i do thats it. im trying to learn things here so i can do it on my own when im ready. i know Nillervision, correct me if im wrong but i think what you trying to say is that i first need to make a sketch of my website, make it how the sketch is and then after im done with that do all the function behind it? i really apprieciate it by the way that you made that sketch of my site!
  4. Improving my site

    I will make a small sketch for what i mean with the bar and the footer. because if i have to be honest i dont really know what u are saying fisicx. im still a student in school and im only 17 years old. some things that you find easy are things i dont understand. some things i do understand otherwise i would not have my website by now. I can send you the sketch but i dont know how, the most easiest way is via skype i think. beacuse i cant find a way to post it on here
  5. Improving my site

    Your website looks great in my opinion and it's responsive as well, correct me if i'm wrong. My idea for a design is a black bar at the top what i have on my site right now. At the left of the bar i want my logo and in the bar it self a navigation menu on the right that sinks in with the bar, just pich black. the navigation menu says "Home | creatie's | contact" but without the tripes ofcourse. the text is just white but when u go over it with your mouse is has this sort of effect to it and it goes grey. Ofcourse its clickable otherwise i wont have any effect. The navigation menu tab "creatie's" has a dropdown menu with all the creations i made (Creatie's is dutch for "creations"). And maybe i want a search bar also but i will take a look at that later on That's just the top part, and also the postion of the bar need to be set to Fixed; but that's easy i think. The header and the content i dont really know what to put there for now so ill just leave it there. And the footer is a sort of facebookblue color with all the contact information such as facebook and twitter ect. So i hope you have a pretty good idea now for what i am trying to do and i hope we can do this together.
  6. Improving my site

    Can u send me sort of sketch of a good design that i can make? I would like to contact you via skype or anything to do this together not only the desgin but the code also. but if u dont want to im fine with that but ill really apprieciate it! My idea is a simple flat design with nice fonts and just an overall good looking site. im not the best designer if it comes to that so i would like some help. my skype is Feudelcosine148 if u want to contact me some other way
  7. Improving my site

    So you are saying that i have to change the Div ID to Div class? Am i correct?
  8. Improving my site

    Actually it is, and i see that on your screen my whole site is screwed up. How can i fix this?
  9. Improving my site

    Hello , My name is Rainier laan and i'm a student that is still learing to understand HTML CSS and also JS. I do know alot about HTML and CSS if it come's to me, u might see it diffrent. I have this site called 'Rainierlaan.nl' and it's in an early stage. i'm trying to improve it in so many ways but i dont really know what to improve or how to begin with it. First thing i want to do is to make my site responive i think most of u guys know what that is so i dont have to explain it. the second thing i want to improve is the overall layout and design. i make a sketch but its missing so much stuff and i dont really know anymore what there was suppose to be. I hope we can all improve my site, i left my 'horrible' sketch and my HTML and CSS code. my site doesnt have any JS yet. Rainier laan index.html style.css
  10. Alert box on text link

    On my website at the top i got this bar and at the right i says Log in, i want a temporary alert box there but i dont know how. i dont want a button i just want clickable text. can anybody help me out? my site is rainierlaan.nl PS HTML and CSS is attached style.css index.html
  11. Navigation menu problem

    I put the button there just for the show for now. im working on it so if people visit my site and they click on it it says that's not active. maybe later i will change it, will see. but the problem in the first place was that the navigation menu stays normal while the whole page gets grayed out when i click on the login button. i cant find any solutions so thats why im here ;-) no offence of anything just looking for help rainier,
  12. Navigation menu problem

    The drop down menu is completely CSS only, The JS that i send afterwards is the custom alert box. if i have to be honest i dont really know what you mean by "you can also get right of the login button" rainier,
  13. Navigation menu problem

    I could not add the JS file so here it is function CustomAlert(){ this.render = function(dialog){ var winW = window.innerWidth; var winH = window.innerHeight; var dialogoverlay = document.getElementById('dialogoverlay'); var dialogbox = document.getElementById('dialogbox'); dialogoverlay.style.display = "block"; dialogoverlay.style.height = winH+"px"; dialogbox.style.left = (winW/2) - (550 * .5)+"px"; dialogbox.style.top = "100px"; dialogbox.style.display = "block"; document.getElementById('dialogboxhead').innerHTML = "Helaas"; document.getElementById('dialogboxbody').innerHTML = "Deze funtie is niet beschikbaar!"; document.getElementById('dialogboxfoot').innerHTML = '<button onclick="Alert.ok()">OK</button>'; } this.ok = function(){ document.getElementById('dialogbox').style.display = "none"; document.getElementById('dialogoverlay').style.display = "none"; } } var Alert = new CustomAlert();
  14. Navigation menu problem

    First thing i want to say is Thank you guys for the amazing feedback that was given from my previous post. Now here is the problem, I'm a working on my website and i have this navigation menu that wont go with the rest. I cant really explain but i can show u. If u go to my site (rainierlaan.nl) you see this Navigation menu saying "home" and "Creatie's" Now if u go to the top of the page and click on the "Log in" button i need to pay attention to the navigation bar. As u can see the navigation bar stays normal while the rest is sort of grayed out. I dont know how to fix this can u guys help me out? Rainier laan ps. HTML and CSS is attached style.css index.html
  15. Drop down menu

    I'm a beginner in webdesign and i want a drop down menu. The problem is that i dont know how to make a drop down menu. I've seen tutorials on youtube but those do involve images, I just want a regular flat menu. I got a (sketch) for what i want it to look like (its attached) What menu i mean is the one that blends in with the lime green header. If you go to my site (rainierlaan.nl) you can see i do not have this menu at all. Who can help me with this menu? maybe give me some tips? Rainier laan PS. The HTML and CSS is attached. index.html style.css