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  1. Moving to freelancing advice?

    As someone who is a novice in web design field, but has good knowledge of it would you recommend freelancing or trying to find agency/in-house roles? Some background info, I am making a career change to web/UI and possibly UX design, have created my portfolio with personal projects and now looking for work. I have been applying for agency/in-house roles but there seem to be lots of competition and was wondering if freelancing is a good options to take? What would be the necessary step to start freelancing?
  2. Moving to freelancing advice?

    Yes, in regards to money I am not that concerned as I can afford to have lower rates when I am starting out. In regards to development I won't be personally coding so is it possible to inform the client of this and recommend them possible alternatives?
  3. Moving to freelancing advice?

    Hi, I would like some advice regarding freelancing, I am currently looking for junior roles as a web/UI designer but there seems to be very limited roles within agencies and in-house teams. I was wondering if someone of by limited experience should think about freelancing and building a career that way? I have a portfolio setup which include personal projects of web and UI.
  4. Web Design - Careers Advice

    I am currently learning self-learning web design, UI and UX and it's definitely more interesting for me than learning coding. If you are interested in web design/UI/UX, I recommend looking at videos on Youtube from Mike Locke who is a web UI/UX designer. He features some good career advice that has helped me plan out the work I need to do when looking for work e.g. portfolio and personal project related things.
  5. Web Design - Careers Advice

    This is something I have decided to do. I don't have any passion for coding and have now decided to focus my attention on design, UI and UX. I do think however that the knowledge I have of HTML, CSS, JS and a bit of PHP is valuable and can help with when communicating with developers.
  6. Career change to Web Designing

    I would prefer web design, but want to having coding skills as a fallback so at least I have a foundation in that area. But designing would still be my first choice and is an area which I am likely going to put my focus on. Yep, this is definitely something I will be working on. I have my portfolio designed and ready, I now will be looking to create some personal projects to showcase.
  7. Career change to Web Designing

    Thanks for all the replies, in regards to coding I am fine using free resources for that since I have done HTML, CSS and Javascript before. Its the visual web design which I prefer to have a structured course in like what Treehouse or Code School offer.
  8. Career change to Web Designing

    Yep, I think places like Treehouse and Lynda.com cover theory of web design e.g. colours, typopgraphy, structure. For the graphic design principle does that book you recommended cover the essentials? I just want to ensure I have a foundation of web design theory down, since I already have knowledge in the coding.
  9. Career change to Web Designing

    Thanks for the reply, I have been thing about subscribing to a web design course that teaches design theory. I have seen a couple of online courses been recommended on the internet such as Lynda.com, Treehouse, Code School etc. For web design, are any of these online courses any good?
  10. Career change to Web Designing

    Bump, I would appreciate any advice.
  11. Career change to Web Designing

    Mainly designing, but I don't mind doing a bit of HTML, CSS and JS which I have done previously.
  12. Career change to Web Designing

    Hi, I am looking for advice about changing career paths to become a professional Web Designer. Let me give you a little bit about my background, I got a degree in Computer Science and after university wanted to pursue web development, so I spent about a month learning coding of HTML, CSS and Javascript/jQuery and obtained a 3 month internship as a front-end developer. However due to the lack of opportunities I was presented based on my beginner experience, I hadn't got any work is a while which is why I moved to SEO work. I again spent another month learning about SEO, obtaining an internship which then led onto being full-time work. I currently have the opportunity to determine what I want to do in the long term and have been interested in moving to Web Designing since I actually wanted to major in an Art field pre-college (UK) but chose the IT-field. I would like some advice from fellow Web Designers and professionals about what steps to take in pursuing this career and being successful? I feel that the knowledge I have obtained through my internship as a Front-End Developer and work in SEO could transition well to Web Designing.
  13. Progressing in front-end development?

    I have a my own website portfolio, but nothing in it yet, so should I make some functional mockups?
  14. Progressing in front-end development?

    Hi, I wish to gain some tips from developers from here on how progress as a front-end developer. I am currently a junior in the field and have little experience, since I only started learning about self-teaching web development after university. I completed a 2 month internship as a web-developer however am having trouble finding work since employers require people with more experience and not many businesses/agencies are willing to train juniors like me. I hope I can do freelance work in the future, however I am not fussed about whether it be freelance or agency work.
  15. Multiple pages in search results?

    Thanks for the reply, the actual URL is the same with the home.html, however in the search results it now has my index page, then the old home.html and now it has my about.html. I only want the main homepage to show in the search results and not any other, shall I use a noindex meta?