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  1. Added new tutorial to my Kodi Beginner website: http://KodiBeginner.com

  2. please review Kodi Beginner

    I made many improvements to the site: Place the search box at the header Created a new logo Added a new button "Start Learning Kodi" Improved the layout and colors of the site Added new categories and tags Added many new tutorials I hope it looks better now
  3. please review Kodi Beginner

    I changed Start Here to Start Learning Kodi and emphasis the button so it will be clear where to start
  4. please review Kodi Beginner

    Thank you. Actually there is a Start Here link at the menu where you can find all the information about Kodi. The homepage is updated with new posts.
  5. please review Kodi Beginner

    Can you please explain which screenshot to put and what do you mean by enhancing the downloading link? I prefer that visitors to the site will see new posts all the time and not a static homepage, as every visitor can click Start Here at any point.
  6. please review Kodi Beginner

    You can get all this information in the Start Here page: http://kodibeginner.com/start-here
  7. Hi, I created website that teaches users anything they need to know about Kodi, The site is still new but I add new content regularly, The site is based on WordPress but I changed the theme and the code of the site. I will be happy to hear what do you think about the site. Any feedback will help :slight_smile: Here is the link: Kodi Beginner
  8. Review my site please

    Thanks, I redesigned the site and improved the layout, colors and navigation. Can you review it again please?
  9. Review my site please

    I already have more then 50 conversions, I can't put all of them in the homepage... I need to put them in categories.
  10. Review my site please

    Thanks i see this, I will add icons to the categories.
  11. Review my site please

    Thanks for the feedback. I improved the layout of the site and added many new conversions. Can you please review it again?
  12. Hi, I have created a website dedicated for conversions. I intend to put there almost every converter or calculator you can think of, and the site already contains many. Please review my site, tell me if you like it and what should be improved. My site: Online Conversions Thank you!
  13. Please review my online application

    Thank your for the feedback!
  14. I have created a free online media conversion application. It allows you to record, convert and download nearly any audio or video URL to common formats. It supports all the major services: Direct Download, YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, Myvideo and more. You can download your converted file to desktop computer or mobile device using especially generated QR code, or save them to Google Drive or DropBox. I would like to hear what you think about my application, and if you find it useful. Any comment will help me improve it. Link to my online application: Guratube
  15. Feedback about my Unity game site

    Thank you, excellent feedback! I will add 'What is Unity' link, as you suggested. Also reviews and favorite game are very good ideas. There are rumors that Linux port for Unity is under development.