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    • By Esteban
      Hi, I'd appreciate some help with what I'm trying to create as I don't even know what it's called to google it.
      I'd like to make something with similar functionality to this: http://www.onlinecollegecourses.com/beneath-the-thinking-cap/#
      I have both the graphics I need and can create slices from the graphics in photoshop, - is there a tool I can use to create this effect?
    • Guest Sehrish
      By Guest Sehrish
      Hello everyone, I want a quick feedback over my confusion of using Photoshop or fireworks. Previously, I was working in a company where my boss recommended fireworks for banner creation, image editing and for some other stuff. But now I am a part of another company where our graphic designer and employees using Photoshop for graphic related things. As I am not familiar with Photoshop so I usually avoid working on it but really wanna know the best one among two so that I can start learning.
      Thank You
    • By nasreddine1990
      Hey designers , i put on your hands premium elegant business logos from my design with open source file , you can edit them like what you want .

      download the psd file from here : http://downloadity.net/file/06aRP
      please visit our web site : http://psdressources.blogspot.com/
    • By Sazzad
      Since quite a few members of this community helped us out during our development phase, I wanted to write a post thanking you. A community of designers helped another community create a product many deemed difficult and impossible. With your help, we were able to release Gravit V3 today.
      Based on your feedbacks, Gravit expanded its scope to allow people to edit photos through the integration with Polarr Photo Editor 3. This is exciting time for us and is the first in the market to offer both vector and bitmap workflows to the users without the need to switch between the two apps. Polarr brings many benefits to photo retouching, including advance adjustments, cropping and tilting.

      Our frontend has also given a major rework to make it even more flexible and easy to manage projects by using the folder concepts similar to Google Drive. We scrapped the projects concept and went back to something that makes sense and is easier to use; a folder system. Users just need to create a folder and then upload photos or create new designs.

      On top of that, we have introduced Marketplace resources by partnering with Icons8 and Unsplash to import their high quality icons and photos directly into your designs. No more searching through the web to find these resources. You can do it directly through Gravit.

      The most major aspect is the Designer. We have given it a total facelift with a new light skin interface. Under the hood, we have improved every aspects from making the canvas area wider, added a lot of tooling improvements to make it intuitive for anyone to start designing, better pixel rendering and a new color picker that will turn off the selection outline giving you a full visual when playing with colors.

      Design like a Boss!
    • By Red11
      Hi all,
      Looking for some advice here:
      I produce photoshop mock-ups from design briefs and display them in software online (currently use cageapp.com) where myself/sales/client can make notes on page elements in our own time on design tweaks.
      However with the incoming of responsive and mobile first platforms, it seems a little old hat to just give a mock-up of a desktop version of a site.
      We looked at Adobe Edge Reflow, the drawback here is the lack of support with preview software.
      I have heard before of designers supplying the customer with html/css versions to the customer so they can preview how the site would behave in browser. Whilst this sounds good, it doesn't allow for the note adding and doesn't fit in our current site development model.
      Is there software out there that would fulfil these requirements? Thanks.
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