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How can i start SEO for a ASP.net? Can it is  same as wordpress, PHP website to rank ?

Website speed is also too slow how can i boost that as i don't know anything about dotnet coding.

Is google preferred ASP.net website to rank in search engines.?

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The language makes no difference. SEO is about the content not the code.

If the site is slow you need to identify why it is slow. Is it the server, the location, the images, the scripts, external resources or something else?

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SEO basically depend on the website’s content not on PHP website or ASP.NET. There are nearly 200 signals that decide the website ranking on Google. I agree with @Fisicx that there are many issues that can website speed slow like:

·         Server performance

·         Server location

·         Lots of traffic

·         Extra large images

·         Too many file requests

·         Too many plugins

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As @fisicx said search engines have no preference to ASP/PHP/Ruby etc, their only preference is semantic html and crawlable JavaScript as that's what they're served. Best bet is to open Chrome Developer Tools and run an audit, this would identify some actionable points.

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