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I need advice. How could I make this design more better?

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The design is solid. I can't that much wrong with it. Possibly the spacing of the contact information at the bottom left of the footer  could be spaced apart a little more vertically. But that's just me nit picking. It's a clean and solid design. 


I can't read the language, so it's hard for me to know what the content is about, so i can't really tell you if you need more content or not for the user experience. 

Visually it looks great. 

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On 12/28/2018 at 10:01 PM, Liza2D said:

I need advice. How could I make this design more better?

Who are you targeting? What is the purpose of the site? What is your marketing strategy?

The layout looks like a standard template. If you want to improve the design we need to know a lot more about the business and your prospective clients.

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      2. Another, maybe more difficult one. There will be route-options. You can choose between night route/day route, train/bus, and thereafter the routes that are available for example during night time will appear. Here I would use the same background, but different routes will appear depending on what there is. And when you hoover above the route it will kinda glow up (to show that you have selected it). And if you push it you get more information in a small pop-up window (like with the stations) about travel duration. If you click it further another window open and you can read more information.
      3. In this other windows with even more information, I will write more like a blog forum. Basic info that's good to know and about my personal experience.  This I don't think will be that difficult. In the comment section however I want it to be similar to ex. reddit. Here people, or myself, can add questions like "Did it have a luggage storage?" and then other people can pitch in and answer. And if it's a really popular question that many are interested in they can upvote it, it gets pushed to the top, and I can see the interest in it. No one but me will be able to add information on the website, but they can provide me with information in the comments.
      4. This will all be a as-I-go-project. I will add on routes, cities and info along as a travel. 
      - Is this dream too big with no experience? 
      - Is it possible to do this without programming? Like using a platform that allows me to do all this? Which? The cheaper the better. 
      If you've read this far, thank you so much. If you have a constructive advice for me about the idea, even more thanks to you. And if therecis anything that's unclear, please ask. 
      I've read about WordPress.org and Hostgator. Do you think those would be options when creating this site? 
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