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Alternative to iframes

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new to WP and setting up a site for my friend. What he wants is a menu bar to the left, that when each item is clicked loads up the corresponding page , while still on the same page, so a mini page within the page. 

From reading it looks like this is achieved with iframes, but then I’m reading that WP does not like the use of iframes. What alternative is there to achieve this look?



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I’m assuming here that your friend is ignoring anyone using a mobile phone. Because a menu on the left won’t work on these devices.

If this is the case then you can use tabs rather than a menu. It means all the content is on the same page you just hide the bits not needed for each tab. You can do all this with CSS.

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Never thought about that! As mobile users are the biggest device to access sites, maybe it’s better I talk him out of that route.


thanks your your advice though, looking in to the css route now, just for future reference, or if he insists 

just looked and that is exactly what he needs, just never knew the name, thanks very much fixicx.

may be able to achieve same thing but use a different menu so I can still hit mobile users

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I agree with @fisicx iFrames are the wrong way to go about getting content on the site. Ultimately you want the page to reload and have content on individual pages not on the same URL.

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