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How to put a clickable map on my Wordpress site?

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Hello, guys.

I have made this website oriented in removal and storage services for London, United Kingdom. You can see it here. As some of you may know, London has a lot of areas, which are all included in the site, but what i do not know how to do is a clickable map with which to go directly to the area that is chosen. For example, you click on Acton and automatically to redirect you to the page with information, pictures and services provided in the area. Also, i want it to be placed on the homepage. Can i do this with CSS or?? Please, if someone did something similar, share your experience and steps, i need to see exact process of making it.


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Normally the easiest way is to use a Google/Bing/OpenStreetmap Map which has multiple map markers. Typically a plugin/addon will handle geocoding and generating the map for you, you can hard code map data but that can be complicated if you're not used to it..

Anyhow here's how I normally do it, though using ExpressionEngine - I don't use Wordpress, but the process might be similar.

1. Create a publishing channel for your locations and create location entries
- with each entry you'll need to create lat/long for your map markers, this is where an addon/plugin make life a bit easier by geocoding from an address you supply, or you can manually add lat/long values in a pair of custom fields.
- naturally add any other useful info for your location landing pages, addresses, description, etc

2. In your template add the mapping code supplied by your plugin/addon
- loop through your location entries
- this should output your map markers that are linked to the relevant location pages


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Or you need to get someone to draw the map and add the clickable areas. You then need to link each of these areas to the new page. It's all doable but it's not something you easily can do yourself.


As many people now use a phone to browse your map will be a teeny tiny thing that won't be easy to use. So not very useful. And Google really doesn't like sites that have lots of local pages - they aren't good for your ranking or your visitors.

And there are all sorts of problems with your site - both usability and getting visitors to convert. Might be worth creating thread to get the site reviewed. Note also that Google only scores you 48/100 - which isn't good.

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User experience might be an issue, especially on mobile. Why not have a general Google Map of the area and have a list of the areas so people can choose from that. I know what you're getting at, but on mobile, which is increasingly important you need to be thoughtful of how it appears on phones.

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