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Does this type of plugin for wordpress exist...

... I want my sites visitors to have the ability to select images to curate their own lightbox, and then be able to download them as a .pdf.

This is for a photographers website I'm designing.

Thanks for anyones time on this. Trust me I've tried to search for ages on this so I'm turning to this forum. stuck in the mud!


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What exactly do you mean by a lightbox?

Do you mean opening images up in a modal like this: https://quick-plugins.com/free-things/ultraslim-image-lightbox/

If so then this is a different function to selecting images and saving as a pdf. There are plugins and scripts that will save a webpage as a PDF file but not sure there is an easy way to compile a set of images and then save to pdf.

I did a similar job a while back to download a single page instructions for use as a pdf but I don't think that's what you want.

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This is the website the photographer has to date with the function he wants to carry forward on it


you can view any of his work and select it for a custom lightbox which then let’s you create a PDF of your selects to download.

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