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mouse goes to sleep

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hyperx pulsefire mouse - works fine for a seconds or minutes then goes to sleep - won't move the cursor. if i change the dpi settings with the button on the mouse moves straight away. works on my computer at work fine. tried uninstalling and reinstalling MS mouse driver, no good. no driver for the mouse to be found from hyperx site. very frustating. tried different usb ports and restarting computer. stops in normal windows use and in gaming (lost many an army now in starcraft 2 when the mouse stops working (movement) and whole army stands there and dies :(


it stopped working twice for a few seconds when i'd finsihed typing this - froze for a few seconds then worked

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Did you ever fix this issue? I was curious if you had the same OS version at home as at work (and the same mouse pad, too). I wonder how different your work hardware is compared to your home hardware.


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no id din't fix this issue. don't use a mouse pad at work or at home - smooth table top, worked find at home until recently - tried cleaning the table top and no difference. not sure about os version at work, other than it's windows 10 - it's controlled by IT. the only remaining thing i haven't tried is updating my bios. 

at the moment i have my work mouse at home and my mouse at work (my mouse is nicer than my work mouse, well at least when ti works)

99% of the time the problem mouse works fine at work but a couple of times a day it will briefly  pause and if it doesn't resume then switching dpi settings - cycling back through to my preferred settings (using the button on the mouse to toggle them) restores it. for work use it's ok but for gaming it's detrimental ;) thinking about it might be more of a mouse problem that shows up more with my home setup (old crappy work table ;) ) than the work setup, but why did it use to work at home and not now? puzzling....

work hardware is a brand new dell laptop, work pc is a desktop (tower) second hand msi motherboard

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On the technical side, when I usually boot up Windows, I quickly move my mouse cursor to wake up the lock screen. Maybe 3 out of 10 startups I notice that the cursor is moving more quickly than I like, so I simply reboot and the next time it's back to the normal sensitivity. This is probably about Windows not groping the driver properly or something.

With any decent mouse I would always invest in a decent mouse pad/mat. Especially if requiring precision or gaming accuracy. (Plus over time it protects the desk or table top.)

When I originally looked for your mouse on the manufacturer's website, I noticed they do sell a mouse pad, but I suppose they would have to at least offer one.
When looking at images of your mouse on Bing or Google, I notice that many images don't include a mouse pad which is cleaner for marketing, but a decent mouse pad offers a level of consistency that an otherwise random surface doesn't.

With my Logitech G600 and previous mice, I use a SteelSeries mouse pad. It's a think hard plastic (as opposed to the cloth versions they also sell). A new mouse glides like ice over a decent mouse pad.

Hopefully, any issues can be worked out with future Windows updates. To get it fixed I would click Start and type`Feedback hub'. Then let them know your problem with the exact make and model of mouse.

I hope it gets fixed.

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