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Hello All, 

We have just finished our overhaul of our website and so far we are fairly happy with it, my only concern is where we supply event entertainment is it sleek but fun enough?

Some of the white areas seem to fade into one, maybe I am just looking at it too critically.

Would love to hear from you all.


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A few observations:

1. The content is awful. I know you are in Kent, no need to keep repeating this (Google doesn't like it either). And it's all about you and not about how you can help me.

2. The homepage needs to show the products.

3. The hero image is really slow to load. It's not even needed if you show the products

4. You have 4 packages but do not tell me what I get for each: https://yourboothskent.co.uk/kentphotobooth

5. The booking form is long, complicated and not very user friendly.

6. The booking form has no easy path back to the site (other than the homepage).

7. The galleries are all off site and you have the annoying 'like us' popup that won't go away.

8. Pages like this are pointless: http://yourboothskent.co.uk/herne-bay-photo-booth-hire-kent Google will agree. If you want to promote locations you need to show case events at that location not just copy other pages with a location change.

It's a great service and seems to be popular but it doesn't look sleek or exude fun.

And it's not good on a phone. Take a look your self and you will see all sorts of gremlins.

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Pricing tables are too complicated. Put all the common features in a single list on the page (left justified) and style the bullets so they look pretty - ticks or a camera flash would look good.

Then in the packages just list the extras. You mention for example the 'Hard back guestbook with all the photos in'. This should link to images of a typical guest book. You also need to explain how long it takes to produce, is there is an option to buy more and so on. Upsell!

What are the 'Tons of Props Supplied' and the 'free print out design'.

Also move the pricing up the page and make them selectable so when I check availability it already knows what I want. And keep the booking form on the page - don't take me off to a sub domain.

Each booth needs it own page with lots of pictures. Show me guests having fun, how easy it is to use and so on.

I'm not at all sure the theme is the right one. It looks very plain and corporate - there is no bling.


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Thank you for your feedback, I will add the pages for the booths to the list, unfortunately because we pay for a external booking system I can't get the packages to be selectable but I could hyperlink the pricing table to take you straight to the booking form. 


And again will take a look at the bullet points, I think theres probably a lot that could be done, it's worked fine in the past but I do agree that it needs sparking up a bit! 

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Why do you need to use an external booking system?

There are some excellent WordPress plugins that will do the job for you.

It's the same with the gallery - keep it on the site - no need for a third party provider. Even better, you can sell the images. An easy thing to add to the site.

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The system does a lot more than what any wordpress plugin does for us, its made specifically for our field. 

Again the gallery links into the booking system and we don't pay anything for unlimited storage and even sends out scheduled notifications automatically to the event organiser to let them know the photos have been uploaded of their event. 

Are you a Web designer yourself? 

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That's fine. But the result is a poor user experience.

I wanted to check availability only to discover I couldn't get back to the page I was looking at. Same with the gallery, I ended up on an orphan page. I get the bit about notifications and storage but perhaps you are losing out on leads because of how the site works. What you perhaps need are gallery links on the homepage showcasing recent events. That way Sharon and Gavin share on facebook and you get all the traffic.

Yes I design websites but my main income comes from plugin development. You would be amazed at what you can do these days with wordpress. You could certainly do a lot more with your galleries (including notifications) and get lots of great local SEO. And building a bespoke booking plugin is easy. Even better, you can make the form work on the same page as the product. In fact you can have it on every page - no need for a potential client to even leave the page.


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I'm no good at design, so I'm probably a hypocrite for saying this, but the only thing I don't like about your site is the logo.

(I like the idea of using fiverr.com for very quick and reasonably priced work to fix things which other people can do better.)

Everything else can be tidied up as per fisicx and other members' recommendations.

Therefore, good job.

Yes, it looks like fun, too. 👍

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