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My website is getting traffic but not conversions

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I have the behavioral flow of my website about 50% of the users are dropping out when they are visiting the home page of the website. Is this due to the design ans style of the website? Does the website gives you a feel like a digital marketing agency? I am open to all your suggestions please check our website and let me know your feedbacks on this - https://www.dezvolta.com/


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It all depends on where those visitors are coming from.

That being said, none on the webpages are easy to use. You have to do a lot of scrolling to get to anything useful and all those animations are just annoying.

And where is the evidence that you are the Top Rated Web Design Agency?

And the content is all about you and not about how you can help me. You offer 6 services but I don't yet know what I want. I need you to suggest the best strategy. So rather than offering Branding as a standalone service, your homepage should be about the benefits of using a service provider to build a business.

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3 hours ago, fisicx said:

And the content is all about you and not about how you can help me. 

I did notice that, I stopped to have a good read of the SEO services and there's not enough there to tell me anything useful. It would be good to expand on your "8-step in-depth approach to SEO", simple headings like "Comprehensive Keyword and Market Research" doesn't say much, what does the client get and how does this benefit them in the short and long term? How comprehensive and do you track their competitors?

As @fisicx points out it's also about where the traffic is coming from, for example look under referrals and see how much is coming from say this forum, and then see how many of those have a higher drop off rate. It would also be good to block your own traffic from reporting, all to often I see a high bounce on a clients site and it turn out it's them "seeing where they are in Google" and clicking their result. The other data to check on is duration of visit per page, which are keeping the visitor finding out more and which have a lower duration to see if the content is answering their question. Always ask yourself "what is the purpose of this page?" and "what am I here to find out when visiting this page?", and these questions are on a page by page basis and not site wide.

The pop up chat is far too big plus looks like a poll. In addition whilst reading a page it popped up right over the bit I was reading. If it needs to be there fine, maybe cut it down to a small speech bubble with "Welcome to Dezvolta, how can we help?" or something.

Lastly the play button on the home page opens a video in a new window taking them away from your website! Probably better to use something like a light box to play?

Edit: Forgot to ask; what would you consider a conversion?

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Bit late perhaps, all I have to contribute to is the grammar issues lol


Like the caps where no caps should be;

The Brands we have Worked with aren’t just projects, they’re Friends we met on our Journey

Should be?;

The brands we have worked with aren’t just projects, they’re friends we met on our journey

And pop an S in size; and actually remove the last s, work is plural in context



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Hi, I think the problem with your website is that it is not targeting the right users. People are coming to yoru website but they are not getting what they want and they bounce. Please make the necessary changes in your content. so that users can find what they want. 

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