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What strategy should I use to enhance getsales.co.ke for My Local seo

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I have all the important local listing. In fact more listings than the top three people ranking for my keyword. I have the site optimised correctly. I offere different services. I have thus created different pages for these services. Only the homepage (which has one service) is ranking top in maps for that keyword. I want my site to also rank for the other services. Should I put all the services on the homepage, to rank?

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Hello I just gone through your website the loading speed of your website is too low and it should be improvised first because it is one of the important ranking factor considered by google. If you want to rank all your pages on your map listing then you have to build quality back-links for that particular URL.

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1 hour ago, getsaleskenya said:

Checked the stats. Is there a plugin or great resource I follow to make all that right.

Omg mate, one more plugin and it'll be a "wafer thin mint" moment!

Have you actually tried lighthouse? Look at the list under Eliminate render-blocking resources, now work out if they are all in use before interaction. For example take a lightbox, until a visitor clicks something that uses the lightbox the js and css are not required, so load them in the background or instead don't load them at all if the page doesn't use them.

Hate to be blunt but trying to load more plugins over plugins to manage plugins which manage plugins is a bit short sighted.

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