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How to insert a page into photo of an Iphone

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This is very simple to do if you know photoshop - maybe look at some online tutorials.

Another option is using a website like magicmockups.com - you need to upload a screenshot of your website and then can download the mockup


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If you put your website into a picture of an iphone that's okay but whatever you do don't put the iphone back onto a page on your site because then things will start going round and round out of control and anything could happen.


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Sorry if I'm resurrecting this but I think my answer may help others who are looking to do the same. 

What you are talking about is 'creating a mockup'. Mockups can be app screens, brochures, website on a monitor, almost anything in fact! You'll need Photoshop but it's as easy as clicking a 'smart object' and replacing it with your own image.

You can buy mockups on GraphicRiver or download them for free on websites including https://goodmockups.com/mockup-psd-files/ 

Google 'free mockup PSD' or narrow it down with 'free iphone mockup psd' and you'll find loads. 

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