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WooCommerce Variations Question

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I have a site where there are two prices for a product based on weight. I thought I'd do attributes and variations, but since there is only one attribute (size) I can't figure out how to have the person select the weight. I really don't want to make it two separate product pages.

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    • By Seth
      I have an client who has an woocommerce shop. He wants his attributes in a specific order, which happens not to be the order that it's in. How would I change this order?
      I know some of you don't like plugins, but a plugin would be good for this.
      Not a big coder.
      Thanks in advance.
    • By JamesWallis
      Hello, I'm new here.
      I don’t know if anybody is able to help us with a project we have started or know of any plugins that can help us.
      Project Title: Document Printing PDF Proofing Tool (Linked with WooCommerce) – Pre-Flight Tool
      We are a print shop and we require a plugin/solution that works with Wordpress & WooCommerce. The plugin/solution needs to allow our customer to upload their pdf document/artwork that they want printing. This needs to be done during the product (i.e. Business Cards, A4 documents etc…) buying stage and once they’ve checked out - the pdf documents/artwork needs to be displayed in a proofing tool that shows them how it will look before we print it for them. If the customer is happy they need to accept the proof shown to them and then we can process the order like usual with WooCommerce.
      Alternatively, the product (i.e. Business Cards, A4 documents etc…) can be purchased and then the customers pdf document/artwork can be uploaded. However, the uploaded document needs to be associated with that order number.
      Once the document has been approved using the online proofing tool we will download the customers upload document and save it to our computer ready for printing and delivery.
      • Works with Wordpress (However, Magento is a possibility).
      • PDF needs to be uploaded to WooCommerce at product buying stage before checkout stage. However, if this isn’t possible pdf document/artwork can be upload after product check out but it needs to be associated to that product in WooCommerce order management system.
      • PDF then needs to be displayed after checkout stage in a PDF viewer to act as a PDF proofing tool (like Adobe PDF Pre-flight tool)
      • If possible it would be good to have a red dotted line border 3mm from the edge of the document to show where important detail must be placed within to ensure they don’t get cut off when printing/producing the documents.
      Similarly Function Websites include: -
      These website have good examples of how we would like our proofing tool to work.
      Suggestions: -
      Other possible solutions can include using a Magento platform and extension or any other solution to have a well-functioning proofing tool but Wordpress & Woocommerce is preferable.
      Any other ideas are welcome to achieve our goal.
      Thank you,
    • By Seth
      I have a cart over at https://danceyolo.com
      When you go to check out I get a message that their isn't any payment method for my state. I've never seen this before. I have stripe activated. Any ideas?

    • By Seth
      Hey all
      On that site some of my thumbnails are showing the full height of the images others aren't. Any ideas why?
    • By Seth
      How do I hide the amount of stock from showing up when someone is buying something. My client has a lot of stock but showing that much is crazy stupid looking,
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